Flavor & Fragrance Formulation

Flavor or fragrance formulations represent a mixture of aroma compound or in some cases a single compound is used to create a specific taste or smell for use in a variety of consumer goods products.

Formulations are done by specially trained scientists, flavorists or perfumers, whose job combines scientific knowledge of the chemical palette with creativity to develop new and distinctive creations.

The formulations process begins with a demand or requirement from a client, typically a consumer goods company. The flavorist or perfumer uses their knowledge of the available chemical ingredients to create a formula and compound which is then submitted to the client for testing. Several iterations, with feedback from the client, may be needed before the right formulation is found.

The formulation process may requirement additional work, for example, the Flavor & Fragrance House may conduct sensory tests to determine consumer acceptance of a formulation before it is sent to the client or to further investigate the "sensory space". The company may also employ application specialists who work to ensure the formulation will work in the application for which it is intended. This may require special delivery technologies that are used to protect the formulation during processing so that the formulation responds effectively for the intended use.

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