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Pharmaceutical QC Lab Automation and Digitalization

The pharmaceutical industry is embracing Pharma 4.0 and the automated, continuous, and realtime-monitored production processes this entails. Microbial quality control (QC) must adapt accordingly. As customers strive to further improve productivity, data integrity, and reliability in QC testing by reducing time-consuming and error-prone manual activities, we are adapting our leading sterility testing, bioburden testing, and environmental monitoring technologies to function in integrated robotics, automation, and digitalization solutions.

We are partnering with specialized companies to automate and digitalize the microbiological workflows of production lines and QC laboratories, developing integrated solutions combining the best of our technologies. Find out below about our current partners in this field and the capabilities they contribute. Our network of partners is constantly expanding.

Become a partner
Become a partner

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Novatek International

We are partnering with Novatek to support the pharmaceutical industry in transferring their microbiological workflows into computerized systems to improve data integrity. Aligning our reliable and validated hardware and consumables with Novatek’s compliant software solutions will allow the pharmaceutical industry to work with the best from both expert suppliers in all parts of the same workflow.  Download the partnership brochure.

Novatek International

Established in 1996, Novatek’s mission is dedicated to help pharmaceutical companies and other life science organizations leverage their investment in information technology and quality processes by reducing cost, improving productivity, and enhancing compliance. With over 24 years of user experience and developer level technical support, simple or complex installations are seamless and rapid. The architecture of all Novatek solutions is modular and process-based, enabling the applications to be delivered “business-ready” providing the building blocks for a complete quality solution.

For more information on Novatek International visit:


To help digitalize and improve QC workflows in pharmaceutical manufacturing while keeping them compliant, we are partnering with Archilex, who are well-known in the industry for their BioTrends EM® software system. Our joint aim is to make Archilex’s solutions work seamlessly together with our proven instrumentation and equipment to the benefit of our customers in the pharmaceutical industry.


Archilex is a company founded in 1996 and since 2003, Archilex has focused its activities mainly on the needs of the pharmaceutical industry by developing the BioTrends EM® software system (BioTrends EM® + BioTrends EM® Mobile) that allows to have a management system for the entire microbiological monitoring process, modern and in line with the current demands for efficiency and quality.

For more information on Archilex visit:

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