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Millex-HV Syringe Filter Unit, 0.45 µm

A 13 mm diameter sterile syringe filter with a 0.45 µm pore size hydrophilic PVDF membrane. Comes in a pack of 100.

disposable syringe filter, sterile syringe filter, syringe filter


PVDF membrane
high-density polyethylene housing

Quality Level


sterile; ethylene oxide treated

product line



holdup volume< 50 μL




available only in USA, Thailand, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Japan


10 mL process volume
10 mL sample volume
45 °C max. temp.
7 bar max. inlet pressure (100 psi)


sterile filtration: suitable (sterilization of tissue culture media, protein solutions or aqueous solutions)


21 mm


1.3 cm

filter diam.

13 mm

filtration area

0.65 cm2



pore size

0.45 μm pore size


sample type hematopoietic stem cell(s)
sample type: human embryonic stem cell(s)
sample type pancreatic stem cell(s)
sample type mesenchymal stem cell(s)
sample type induced pluripotent stem cell(s)
sample type: mouse embryonic stem cell(s)
sample type neural stem cell(s)
sample type cardiac stem cell(s)
sample type epithelial cells


female Luer-Lok® inlet connection
female Luer-Lok® inlet fitting
male Luer outlet slip

shipped in


General description

Available in 4, 13, 25, 33, and 50 mm diameters with a variety of membranes, Millex® sterile syringe filters are ideal for sterilizing organic solvents, aqueous solutions or air/gas. Many sample preparation methods specify Millex filters because of their unsurpassed quality and consistency. Millex filters not only feature minimal hold-up volume and faster flow rates, but they also withstand higher operating pressures and are chemically compatible with a range of samples and solvents to minimize leaching of extractable impurities. Millex filters are produced in a controlled, automated environment with the highest quality standards. Sterile devices come with a certificate of quality, with select devices marked for medical applications.

Features & Benefits:
•Tailored to a variety of applications based on membrane type, housing and validation rating

•Medical Device-rated devices in some countries including vented devices for direct patient care

•Specialized filter units to protect hemodialysis transducers from blood and moisture and for vacuum line protection

•Low extractables and low absorption membranes for minimum sample losses

•Faster flow rates and higher operating pressures for high performance needs

Sterilization of Aqueous Solutions, Organic Solvents and Gases, Filtration of High Value Protein or Small Molecule Components, Select Medical Device Applications (Some Including Direct Patient Care Depending on Country/Region)
Filter Code: HV


100 pkg


A 13 mm diameter sterile syringe filter with a 0.45 µm pore size hydrophilic PVDF membrane. Comes in a pack of 100.
Direct patient care: No

Physical form

Color Code: Natural inlet/natural outlet

Preparation Note

Sterilization Method
Ethylene oxide

Other Notes

Directions for Use

  • Organism Retention: Microorganisms
  • Mode of Action: Filtering
  • Application: Sterile Filtration
  • Intended Use: Sterilization of aqueous solutions including medical applications depending on country/region
  • Instructions for Use: Please refer to Directions for Use section of user guide (packaged in box)
  • Storage Statement: Store in dry location
  • Disposal Statement: Dispose of in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.

Legal Information

Durapore is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Luer-Lok is a registered trademark of Becton-Dickinson & Co.
Millex is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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