Karl Fischer Standards

The image shows a pharmaceutical setup featuring a medical bottle labeled for Karl Fischer reagents, surrounded by syringes and informational documents, likely used for precise moisture determination in healthcare or laboratory settings.

The presence of water in raw materials, intermediates, and finished products can affect properties like shelf life and stability, among many others. Karl Fischer titration is an established method to quantify water content in the samples. It is one of the rapid and most accurate methods for water content determination for various samples in the ranges from 0.001% up to 100%. 

To ensure accurate titer determination of Karl Fischer reagents, high quality certified reference materials (CRMs) are essential. Any inaccuracies in your reference standards will cascade to errors in your analytical measurements. Besides titer determination, Aquastar® water standards are routinely used for periodic performance checks to monitor instrument accuracy and precision. 

Our portfolio offers liquid and solid water standards for both volumetric and coulometric applications, as well as Karl Fischer water standards for special applications, e.g. Aquastar® Water Standard Oven or Aquastar® Water Standard Oil to be used for oil analysis.  

To ensure high quality, Aquastar® water standards are certified according to ISO 17034 and measured in our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. They are directly traceable to SI units, as well as verified against standards reference material of National Metrological Institutes, such as NIST. The CoA is documented according to ISO Guide 31 and the expanded uncertainty, allowing easy integration into your overall uncertainty budget.

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