Olefin Metathesis

We are committed to helping you reach new frontiers through an ever-expanding, always innovative portfolio of products for olefin metathesis. In line with this goal, we have partnered with Umicore PMC to bring you an outstanding range of olefin metathesis catalysts for chemical synthesis. Our exclusive collaboration not only gives you direct access to Umicore’s Grubbs Catalyst® technology, but also their development expertise. You’ll enjoy rapid, reliable supply of milligram to multi-kilogram volumes, at the best value, with Umicore license rights included. Moreover, you’ll benefit from dedicated technical guidance, supported by Nobel Laureate Robert Grubbs.

Selected Best Metathesis Practices

  • Consider Concentration: Run cross-metathesis reactions concentrated and macrocyclization reactions diluted.
  • Oust Oxygen: Degassing reactions with an inert gas prior to adding a Grubbs catalyst can improve catalyst lifetime and efficiency. Degassing during the reaction has the added benefit of efficiently removing ethylene from metathesis reactions where it is generated.
  • Solvent Selection: Consider solubility and use non-coordinating solvents when possible, such as cyclohexane, toluene, or dichloromethane.
  • For more suggestions on metathesis reaction planning and troubleshooting, view the Metathesis Application Guide

Easy Access to Grubbs Catalyst® Technology

Enjoy unparalleled access to Grubbs Catalyst® technology and experience the many benefits of our exclusive partnership.

  • Secure supply chain of metathesis catalysts from milligram to multi-kilogram volumes
  • Rapid delivery of R&D quantities
  • Access to technical expertise, supported by Nobel Laureate Robert Grubbs
  • Umicore license rights included in listed product price

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