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Corning® Products & Labware

Corning glassware and laboratory products.

Corning® manufactures glass and plastic labware, cell culture supplies, syringe filters and membranes, and equipment enabling workflow solutions for chemistry, life science research, drug discovery, and bioproduction. Since the introduction of their first products almost 100 years ago, laboratory professionals have come to rely on the Corning® brand for quality products with features that make it easier to get work done. Their comprehensive portfolio of cell culture flasks and supplies, vacuum filtration systems, microcentrifuges, hotplates, stirrers, tubes, pipettes and pipette tips, syringe filters and filter membranes, and glassware including beakers, bottles, condensers, and funnels consists of high-quality, innovative products for life science applications enabling people around the world to make and deliver life-changing discoveries.    


Corning® Consumables & General Labware

Corning is a leading innovator in reliable laboratory glassware, plasticware, and accessories to help support researchers with all of their laboratory needs. Corning’s extensive consumables and general labware portfolio includes popular products such as:

  • Permeable supports and multi-well plates from the HTS Transwell®, Costar®, Thermowell™, Snapwell™, and Netwell™ product families
  • Culture chambers, vessels, and flasks such as Costar®, CellBIND®, and CellSTACK®
  • Cryogenic storage options from Corning® and CoolCell®
  • Sample cooling and heating solutions from product lines such as CoolRack®, CoolBox™, and ThermalTray™
  • Bottles, beakers, dishes, pipets, and tubes from product lines such as Pyrex®, Costar®, Stripette™, and Axygen®
  • Pipet tips from the Corning® family such as DeckWorks and IsoTip as well as the Axygen® family such as Aerosol Barrier Tips, GEN3, Gel Loading, and Universal Tip products

Corning® Glassware & Additional Corning® Products

Corning offers a variety of high-quality instruments that have complemented their extensive plasticware and glassware for over 50 years. Some of their widely used instrumentation lines include:

Corning Matrigel® Matrix Products

With over 30 years of experience, choosing Corning® extracellular matrix (ECM) products may mean the difference between a challenging or successful cell culture or cell-based assay. From 2D and 3D cell culture needs, Corning Matrigel® Matrix products are suitable for use with a variety of cell types and application needs. Explore our Corning Matrigel® Matrix offerings and optimize your results for your specific workflow needs.

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