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Solution & Vapor Deposition Precursors

Solution deposition and vapor deposition are two synthesis routes used for formation of advanced, precision thin films and coatings.

Chemical solution deposition and chemical vapor deposition are two powerful techniques used to form high-quality and precision thin solid films and coatings. Solution deposition, also known as sol-gel processing, is a popular method used to prepare a wide range of inorganic and hybrid composite materials from precursor solutions. A colloidal suspension known as “sol” is generated, converted to a gel, and subsequently transitions into a solid. However, vapor deposition uses a host of techniques to convert and employ precursors or target materials in the gaseous phase to form engineered films on substrates. Our selection of products for deposition techniques allows you to precisely tailor thin films and their coating properties. Explore our broad range of high-quality and dependable thin film deposition precursor chemicals as per your chosen method and application.


Solution Deposition Precursors

We offer a diverse array of dedicated solution deposition precursors. They are available with 55 different base metals as well as acetate, acetylacetonate, tert-butoxide, isopropoxide, phenoxide, ethoxide, tri-sec-butoxide, methoxide, and 2-ethylhexanoate along with a variety of other functionalities. These products are offered in purities ranging from 90% to 99.999%, in assorted concentrations in select solvents, and with specific hydrated forms to assist your distinct chemistry.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Precursors/Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Precursors

We provide high-quality volatile organometallic, metal, and metalorganic precursors for CVD/ALD. For convenience and safety, the prepackaged precursors come in steel cylinders for use with an assortment of deposition systems.

Physical Vapor Deposition Materials

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) utilizes vaporized material from solid source material to deposit thin films on a substrate. We offer high-purity sputtering targets, pellets, metal foils, and evaporation slugs for use in various PVD applications. This includes microelectronic devices, battery electrodes, diffusion barriers, and optical coatings.

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