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Determination of Chlorogenic acid and Baicalin in compounded Lonucerae Japonicae Flos with Purospher® STAR RP-18e
Extraction and analysis of chlorogenic acid and baicalin active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) according to Chinese pharmacopeia monograph by HPLC with Purospher® RP-18e column
HPLC Analysis of Sugars by HILIC Chromatography using Ascentis® Express OH-5 Column with ELSD Detection
Separation of Dextrose, Pharmaceutical Secondary Standard; Certified Reference Material; Sucrose; Maltitol, Pharmaceutical Secondary Standard; Certified Reference Material
Difluoroacetic Acid as an Effective Mobile Phase Modifier for the LC-UV/MS Analysis of Proteins
The article describes the use of difluoroacetic acid (DFA) as an effective alternative to acid modifiers, formic acid (FA) and trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) in the LC-UV/MS analysis of proteins.
Application Note – Peroxidase in Vegetables
Application Note: Peroxidase in vegetables – Visual determination after conversion of a specific substrate.
HPLC Analysis of Proteins on BIOshell™ A400 Protein C4, Rapid Separation at Elevated Temperature
For use as a marker in SDS-PAGE; lactate dehydrogenase; contaminant; L-Lactic Dehydrogenase from rabbit muscle, Type XI, lyophilized powder, 600-1,200 units/mg protein
UHPLC Analysis of Ephedrine and Related Compounds on Supel™ Carbon LC Column
Ultra-high performance liquid chromatographic (UHPLC) separation of ephedrine and its three structural analogs based on polar retention effect on graphite (PREG) mechanism using Supel™ Carbon LC column.
HPLC Analysis of Sugars on Ascentis® Si
Separation of Sucrose; Maltose; Maltotriose
Workflow for Cannabinoids Analysis in Cannabis Using Chromolith® Monolithic Silica HPLC Column Providing Low Backpressure and Extended Column Lifetime
A comprehensive high performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection (HPLC-DAD) workflow for the analysis of 14 cannabinoids in hemp bud extracts within 10 minutes using robust Chromolith® monolithic silica HPLC columns with low column back pressure.
Development of Simple and Rapid Workflows for Quantitation of Infliximab and Adalimumab in Human Serum by LC-MS/MS
Development of Simple and Rapid Workflows for Quantitation of Infliximab and Adalimumab in Human Serum by LC-MS/MS
HPLC Analysis of Proteins on TSKgel® BioAssist S
Separation of Ribonuclease A from bovine pancreas, Type I-A, powder, ≥60% RNase A basis (SDS-PAGE), ≥50 Kunitz units/mg protein; α-Chymotrypsinogen A from bovine pancreas, essentially salt-free, lyophilized powder; Cytochrome c from bovine heart, ≥95% based on Mol. Wt. 12,327 basis;
Determination of Ephedrine HCl and Pseudoephedrine HCl in Xiao’er Kechuanling Oral Solution using a Discovery® HS C18 Column
Developing an HPLC method for quantifying ephedrine HCl and pseudoephedrine HCl in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with a Discovery® C18 column to report: chromatographic data, linearity, specificity and repeatability, LOD and LOQ.
HPLC analysis of Letrozole and its impurities by following the USP Guidelines Using a Purospher® STAR RP18e Column and UV Detection
An application note concerning the HPLC analysis of letrozole and its impurities by following the USP43-NF38 Guidelines using a Purospher® STAR RP18e Column.
HPLC Tips & Tricks: Mobile Phase Preparation Part 2 - Buffers
Learn the tips and tricks of selecting and preparing a suitable mobile phase buffer for your HPLC separations and method developments for samples that contain ionizable compounds.
Determination Paeonol Morroniside Loganin Liuwei Dihuang Oral Solution
Method development for the extraction and analysis of paeonol, morroniside, loganin active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) according to Chinese pharmacopeia monograph using HPLC-UV
Columns and Analytical Standards for Protein SEC
Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns and ready-to-use standards facilitate method development and increase robustness of protein SEC methods.
Chromatography Profile Analysis of Phosphorothioate Oligonucleotides
Understand the impact of phosphorothioate internucleotide linkage addition to oligonucleotide chromatography profiles.
HPLC Tips & Tricks: Increase Your HPLC/UHPLC Method Sensitivity
Tips & tricks to improve your chromatographic method sensitivity by reducing baseline noise and/or making suggested improvements to increase signal intensity.
HPLC Analysis of Caseins on BIOshell™ A400 Protein C4
-casein basis (electrophoresis), lyophilized powder; β-Casein from bovine milk, BioUltra, ≥98% (PAGE)
HPLC Analysis of Pain Relievers on Ascentis® Express C18
Separation of Acetaminophen, meets USP testing specifications, 98.0-102.0%, powder; Caffeine, meets USP testing specifications, anhydrous; Benzoic acid, meets USP testing specifications; Aspirin, meets USP testing specifications
Biopolymer Separations
Supelco’s product offering for biopolymer separations includes columns and media categorized by separation mode, as well as by column brand.
An LC/MS Peptide Standard for Rapid System Suitability Assessment and Retention Time Translation Across LC/MS Platforms
Standards are critical in liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) based proteomics to ensure optimal and consistent system performance before, during, and after sample analysis.
2 Micron SEC Column with Dual Functionality for Use in UHPLC and HPLC Systems
These columns are designed to be operated with a simple and well established method (sodium phosphate mobile phase, pH 6.8) and are packed for use in both HPLC and UHPLC systems.
Workflow for Antibody Aggregates and Fragments Analysis
A complete SEC-UV workflow for the characterization of mAb monomers, aggregates, and fragments using Zenix® and Zenix®-C SEC columns, including system suitability testing and forced pH and temperature stress studies.
Methods and Matrices for Mass Spectrometry of Glycans
Glycosylation is known to have profound influence on various physiochemical, cellular and biological functions of proteins. Alterations in this modification are known to affect the immune system and have been associated with various pathological states such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis
Rapid Trypsin Digestion of Complex Protein Mixtures for Proteomics Analysis
Reliable and reproducible results in mass spectrometry proteomics analyses are highly dependent on robust sample preparation.
How to Select the Right Water Purification System for Your Lab
Technical article on Selecting the Right Water Purification System
Monolithic Silica with Bimodal Pore Structure
Monolithic silica HPLC columns enable high-throughput analysis at low back pressure without loss of separation efficiency or peak capacity.
Ascentis® Express F5 (Pentafluorophenyl) U/HPLC Columns
Enhanced selectivity for stereoisomers and closely related compounds with alternate selectivity from C18 phases for basic, acidic, or neutral compounds
Ascentis® Express OH5 U/HPLC Columns
High-speed Ascentis® Express OH5 HPLC columns are designed for enhanced HILIC partitioning and limited ion exchange retention
UHPLC/MS Analysis of Spice Cannabinoids on Titan™ C18
Synthetic cannabinoids (e.g. "Spice") are a type of designer drug that provides a cannabis-type high.
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