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Applications:Surface and personnel testing
Content Type:Technical Article
Detection of Low Bacterial Contamination from Neoprene® Gloves with ICR Swabs
Microbial monitoring; environmental monitoring; Sterile Swabs; sterile environmental swabs; ICR swabs; contact plates; USP chapter 1116
Neutralizing Efficiency of Lecithin and Polysorbate 80 in ICR Contact Plates and Swabs for Surface Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring; surface monitoring; Neutralizing Efficiency of Lecithin and Polysorbate 80; ICR contact plates; ICR Swabs
Environmental Monitoring in Isolators
IsoBag™ ease the environmental monitoring workflow in aseptic production isolator
How to Achieve Full Data Integrity for the MAS-100 NT® Air Sampler
This guidance explains how to achieve data integrity for the MAS-100 NT® Air Sampler.
Influence of Environmental Sample Pre Storage
Influence of Environmental Sample Pre-Storage on Counting Results
Effectiveness of Higher Volumes and Sequential Sampling in Active Air Monitoring
This study investigates the feasibility of modifying the most frequently used active air sampling method in two different ways to enhance the knowledge about the contamination risks: increasing the volume of sampled air and sampling onto the same plate at
Halal-Certified Culture Media for Microbial Testing
Find out about the implications of culture media carrying hidden non-halal ingredients into halal-certified production areas—and how halal-certified media avoid this risk. Perform microbiological quality control (QC) testing in halal-certified production areas without the risk of losing your certification.