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SMCxPRO™ Immunoassay Instrument and SMC™ Kits
High Sensitivity Protein Measurement at the fg/mL level Synonym: SMC, Singulex, single molecule counting, xPRO
Bulk Quotation Request
Use this form to request price and delivery information on critical raw materials in your supply chain, unique and large package sizes or bulk quantities that are not available on the site and any other customization requests
Pharma Microbiology Method Validation
Our pharma microbiology testing device validation protocols provide correct documentation for audits and with regulatory authorities. When we are on-site, our validation engineers ask the right questions, understand your application, and the validation requirements of your equipment.
Kshitij RB Singh
Kshitij RB Singh is a biochemist specializing in nanobiotechnology. He’s currently working on fabricating plant material-based biosensors for the detection and diagnosis of lifestyle diseases. He gives us an insight into the details of his innovative work.
Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library Protocol
MSMLS™ (Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards) is a collection of high quality small biochemical molecules that span a broad range of primary metabolism. These are high purity (>95%) compounds supplied in an economical, ready-to-use format.
Lysosome Isolation Kit
Lysosomes are organelles ubiquitously distributed in most pro- and eukaryotic cells. The Lysosome Isolation Kit provides a method for isolating lysosomes from animal tissues and from cultured cells by differential centrifugation followed by density gradient centrifugation and/or calcium precipitation.
Determination of Water Content in Salicylic acid Using Karl Fischer Titration
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in Salicylic acid
Determination of Water Content in Sodium methylate Using Karl Fischer Titration
Summary application report for analysis of moisture in Sodium methylate
Ion Channel Flux Assays and Protocols
A review and resources for ion channel flux assays and protocols, along with liposome formation and proteoliposome preparation protocols
LPL Activity Assay Protocol
Lipoprotein lipase (LPL) hydrolyzes triglycerides associated with VLDL.
HandyStep® Troubleshooting: Error 001
How to clear errors from HandyStep® electronic Repeating Pipette. While error occurs on HandyStep® screen, push Enter key and screen will assist you in clearing the error.
cOmplete™ Protocol
It is possible dissolve 1 tablet in as little as 2 ml double distilled Water, results in a 25x stock solution, without difficulty.
Wu Group – Professor Product Portal
The Wu Group works with Sigma-Aldrich in providing a portfolio of reagents and systems for carbonylation transformations.
Yu Group – Professor Product Portal
The Yu program centers around the discovery of catalytic carbon–carbon and carbon–heteroatom bond forming reactions based on C–H activation. Target transformations are selected to enable 1) the use of simple and abundant starting materials such as aliphatic acids, amines and
Zhou Group – Professor Product Portal
Prof. Zhou's research group in Singapore is mainly interested in developing late metal-catalyzed reactions for fundamental C-C bond formation. Recently, they have solved several problems in palladium catalysis.
Gouverneur Group – Professor Product Portal
One of the main research themes of the Gouverneur group is Fluorine Chemistry with an extensive research program aimed at developing novel synthetic methodologies for the preparation of fluorinated targets.
Skrydstrup Group – Professor Product Portal
The Skrydstrup group has developed reagents and glassware for carrying out transition metal catalyzed carbonylations in a simple and safe manner.
Yamamoto Group – Professor Product Portal
The Yamamoto group has employed several applications in catalysis.
Ngai Group – Professor Product Portal
Ngai lab focuses on the development of novel reagents and radical strategies to access open-shell reactive species for the formation of carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds.
Nicewicz Group – Professor Product Portal
The Nicewicz lab is focused on the discovery of new and powerful reaction methodologies that proceed via the intermediacy of highly reactive cation radical species. Included in these transformations are anti-Markovnikov selective additions of amines, alcohols, carboxylic acids, amides and
Pfaltz Group – Professor Product Portal
Andreas Pfaltz has a longstanding interest in the design of chiral ligands for asymmetric catalysis. The semicorrins developed in his group served as the prototype for an important family of nitrogen ligands, the bisoxazolines, which have found widespread use in
Sharpless Group – Professor Product Portal
The Sharpless Lab pursues useful new reactivity and general methods for selectively controlling chemical reactions.
Sheppard Group – Professor Product Portal
Our laboratory is interested in the development of new synthetic methodology and its application to the synthesis of potentially useful molecules. Our research work is spread across a wide range of different areas including transition-metal catalysis (gold, palladium), organoboron chemistry
Singaram Group – Professor Product Portal
here are many optically active organic compounds of biological and medicinal significance. For example, statine analogs, antibiotics, anesthetics, heterocyclic compounds, unusual amino acids, and insect pheromones all contain stereogenic centers. There is, therefore, a continuous need for new asymmetric methodology.
Strauss Group – Professor Product Portal
The Strauss group has been among the leaders in the synthesis and applications of new superweak anions for the past three decades.
Maria Isabel Amorin
María Isabel Amorín is a MSc student at the University of Edinburgh and the creator of CrustaTec, a project that aims to solve two of Guatemala’s biggest environmental problems in one go.
Michael Crocker
Michael Crocker tells us about his prize-winning work at Vanderbilt University and his constant desire to keep learning.
Fahad Shafiq
Having recently completed his Ph.D., Dr. Fahad Shafiq is on a mission to boost crop productivity and feed our growing global population – here he tells us about his inspiration.
Ayse Turak
Dr. Ayse Turak followed the curiosity cultivated by her parents all the way to her current project: helping satellite communications break through the clouds.
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