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Activated PEG Contract Manufacturing Services

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Have you encountered quality or regulatory challenges with your catalog PEG? Need a PEG synthesis that is tailored to the specific needs of your project? If so, a customized PEG solution is right for you. With decades of expertise in activated and functionalized PEGs, we offer the technical, quality, and regulatory support needed to maximize your product efficiency through optimized release kinetics and targeted drug delivery. 

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PEGs Development and Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Development

  • With decades of PEG synthesis expertise, our technical teams are ready to tackle your most challenging PEGs projects. From monodisperse to polydisperse, linear to branched, and all varieties of functionalization, we can tailor our approach to meet your unique needs.

Analytical Expertise

  • To accompany process development, we also excel at developing analytical methods to characterize and quantify your PEG.

Regulatory Support

  • In today's complex regulatory landscape, our stringent regulatory support eases your path to commercialization.

Commercial Quantities

  • Our global network of manufacturing facilities can support PEG manufacture to meet your large scale commercial demand.

Quality Supply

  • With a robust global supply chain and commitment to sourcing high purity materials for GMP PEG production, you can depend on final product produced with the utmost quality

Offering you a world of capabilities

The global footprint of our API contract manufacturing services assures you of wide-ranging regulatory and supply expertise, easily accessed through a single trusted partner.

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