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Phosphoramidite and Oligonucleotide Reagent Custom Solutions

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We offer flexible and customizable production and packaging options for Proligo® DNA and RNA phosphoramidite bases, solid supports, and liquid reagents used in oligonucleotide synthesis.

Our newly-expanded Hamburg Germany manufacturing site provides a full range of phosphoramidite chemistries with exclusive partnerships for custom non-catalog item projects. Non-catalog items are manufactured upon request with predefined cost targets and specifications including custom oligo reagents and packaging solutions. Services include scale-up of amidite products from grams to kilograms, process development, and analytical method development. Our team of dedicated specialists and process engineers ensures the timely delivery of high-quality products supported by a strong supply chain and robust quality systems. All projects are handled with strict confidentiality.

Types of Custom Oligo Reagent Products

Nucleoside Phosphoramidites:

  • Alternative protective group patterns
  • Nucleobase modifications
  • Backbone modifications


  • Linker phosphoramidites
  • Spacer phosphoramidites
  • Reporter phosphoramidites

Solid Support Materials:

  • Loaded with unusual bases
  • Alternative linkages
  • CPG and organic polymers

Liquid Reagents:

  • Custom blends
  • Custom fittings

Oligo Reagent Packaging and Filling Capabilities

The Hamburg amidite reagent manufacturing facility offers the following custom packaging services:


  • Automated powder filling line
  • Synthesis column assembly
  • Custom packaging - mg to Kg


  • Glass bottle & drum packaging
  • Explosion proof manufacturing environment
  • Separated areas for filling and packaging
  • Custom packaging on demand

Standard Bottles and Characteristics

Packing on Demand

We pack products to fit virtually any synthesizer requirement, including ABI™ 394, ABI 3900, Expedite™, ÄKTA® and MerMade and custom packaging.

Proligo Liquid Reagents can be provided in Bulk quantities, custom packaging and reusable container programs from bench to production scale. Returnable containers are available in 18L, 45L and 200L volumes. Please find here an overview of the recommended accessories such as Dispensing Systems and Adapters.

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