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OligoArchitect™ Consultative

For more complex and demanding applications, utilize our consultative service to ensure the success of your assay. With personal consultation from our expert, technical support scientists, your request, including all sequences and data analysis, will be MIQE compliant and returned to you within 24-48 hours. If required, you will also receive follow-up assay optimization, data analysis assistance, and troubleshooting support.


1 Also known as hydrolysis probes, which are used in the 5’ nuclease assay
2 Also known as hybridization probes
3 Also known as dual-hybridization probes
4Locked Nucleic Acid in oligonucleotides other than qPCR probes is available in all countries except for the United States.

Our consultative service uses Beacon Designer™ from Premier Biosoft International. Blastn and mfold are used to determine assay specificity.

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