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Measuring Chemical Oxygen Demand in Water Treatment Facilities
We are a global leader in the life science industry and have produced test kits to measure numerous analytes. Water Online spoke with us about advances in measuring chemical oxygen demand.
Drinking Water Testing by Ion Chromatography using Ultrapure Water
This study reviews the suitability of ultrapure water for the IC analysis of drinking water. Inorganic ions and disinfectant by-products (DBPs) were assessed.
Analytical Method: Urea in Water and Wastewater, Enzymatic Determination
Urea in water and wastewater, enzymatic determination - Photometric determination using the indophenol blue method after cleavage of the urea
Mesoporous Silica and their Applications
Mesoporous silica with uniform and tailorable pore dimensions with high surface areas are used many applications such as wastewater remediation, indoor air cleaning, catalysis, bio-catalysis, and drug delivery.
Calculating Your Working Tolerance: A Guideline
Guideline to calculate your working tolerance - Certified Standard Solutions (CRM)
Nitrite in Wastewater
Step-by-step method describing the reflectometric determination of nitrite levels in wastewater using Reflectoquant® test strips and reflectometer, ideal for on-site testing.
Ammonium in Wastewater
Step-by-step accurate reflectometric determination of ammonium in wastewater with Nessler’s reagent or Indophenol blue using Reflectroquant® system and test strips.
Control of Microthrix Parvicella in the Waste Water Treatment with the HybriScan® Test System
The HybriScan test system for wastewater analysis is based on the detection of microorganism-specific target molecules with a special catcher and detection probe, resulting in a sandwich hybridisation. HybriScan Waste Water determines both the Microthrix parvicella and the total bacterial
Photometric determination of Nitrate in Effluents
A step-by-step procedure for the photometric determination of Nitrate in effluents using Spectroquant® test kits and photometer for a precise and quantitative analysis.
EN ISO 11133:2014 Quality-assured Culture Media for Food and Water Testing to Enhance Consumer Safety
EN ISO 11133:2014 - Mandatory standard for media preparation, production, storage and performance testing. In May 2014, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the revised EN ISO 11133, which is now a full standard and as such, mandatory for
LC-MS Analysis of PFAS Compounds in EPA Methods 537.1, 533 and 8327
LC-MS method-based separation and determination of 32 short-chain and long-chain PFAS (Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) compounds from drinking water following 3 EPA methods Method 533, 537, and 537.1. EPA 8327
Ultrapure Water to Assess Toxic Elements in Environmental Analyses
See the data showing how Milli-Q® ultrapure water meets the stringent purity requirements for reliable trace element analyses of environmental samples.
PFAS Testing Methods and Guidance for Sample Filtration
Validation of Millex® PES syringe filters in PFAS testing of water samples using EPA method 537.1.
Ultrapure Water for Perchlorate Analysis of Environmental Samples
Assure perchlorate-free water from tap water for sensitive IC analyses. See the removal efficiencies achieved by water purification technologies in Milli-Q® systems.
Perchlorate in Wastewater
A step-by-step method for the photometric determination of Perchlorate in wastewater using Spectroquant® test kits and photometer for a precise and quantitative analysis.
Pseudomonas Media and Tests
An article concerning the detection, identification, differentiation, and cultivation of Pseudomonas species.
An Easier, Faster, and Cost-Effective Option for Measuring Total Nitrogen
This total nitrogen test kit is faster, safer, more accurate and costs less than the traditional method. The Total Nitrogen Analysis test kit was developed to provide users with a single test method for determining total nitrogen levels in process
Food for thought: EN ISO 11133:2014
The new EN ISO 11133:2014 quality-assured culture media for food and water testing to enhance consumer safety. The ultimate aim of the new standard is to further improve the safety of the food and beverage products we consume.
Safe Drinking Water Act & Clean Water Act – What is it?
The Safe Drinking Water Act reflects the primary drinking water regulation. Drinking water here means finished drinking water from the plant and the distribution lines. But the Safe Drinking Water Act covers also the ground water sources for raw water
Ammonium in Effluents With High COD Value
A step-by-step method describing the photometric determination of ammonium in effluents with high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) value using Spectroquant® test kits and photometer.
Nitrate in Wastewater
Step-by-step method describing the reflectometric determination of nitrate in wastewater after reduction to nitrite and detection with Griess reagent using Reflectoquant® test strips and reflectometer.
Phosphate in Effluents
Photometric determination of phosphate content of effluents using Spectroquant® test kits and photometer for a precise quantitative analysis.
Differentiation of Escherichia coli from coliforms
There are many other methods of detection to indicate the presence of E. coli. Review common tests and biochemical reactions for this contaminant.
Ammonium in Sewage Sludge
A step-by-step procedure for the photometric determination of Ammonium in sewage sludge using Spectroquant® test kits and photometer for a precise and quantitative analysis.