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Empty cells 16 mm

with screw caps Spectroquant®


optical glass vial


photometry: suitable


for use with Spectroquant® Move 100
for use with Spectroquant® Nova 60 A
for use with Spectroquant® Prove 100
for use with Spectroquant® Prove 300
for use with Spectroquant® Prove 600

detection method


storage temp.


General description

with screw caps Spectroquant®


The empty cells are suitable for use with photometers, such as Spectroquant® Prove, Spectrophotometer 100, 300, 600, Spectroquant® Move 100, and Spectroquant® Nova 60A? having a 16 mm cell holder. The empty cells are equipped with screw caps.

Analysis Note

contents: complete

Legal Information

SPECTROQUANT is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany


Analytical Method: Urea in Liquid Manure

Photometric determination with Diacetyl monooxime

Analytical Method: Urea in Milk (Photometry)

Photometric determination with Diacetyl monooxime in the sample clarified with Trichloracetic acid

Analytical Method: Lead in Waste Water with High Concentrations of Calcium

Photometric determination with PAR subsequent to separation of lead with Sodium diethyldithiocarbaminate

Cobalt in Wastewater from Ceramics Production

Analytical method – Cobalt in wastewater from production of ceramics, Photometric determination with Nitroso-R-Salt

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