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Quantum® Polishing Cartridge

For Milli-Q® Advantage A10 / Integral / Reference systems connected to ultrapure water feed

Quantum TEX Polishing Cartridge

Quality Level


can remove trace levels of organics and ions from Ultrapure water


pkg of 1 unit




>18.0 MΩ-cm (at 25 degree celcius)

total organic carbon (TOC) residue

<5 ppb


33 g ion exchange capacity (NaCl)(Dynamic Capcity is greater than 8g NaCl)


for use with Milli-Q® Advantage A10
for use with Milli-Q® Integral
for use with Milli-Q® Reference

shipped in


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General description

The Quantum® TEX Polishing Cartridge contains a combination of purification media designed to remove trace levels of organics and ions from ultrapure feed water affecting specific applications. Constructed from polypropylene and polyethylene, which are suitable for the production of ultrapure water. Comprises clean and high-purity materials to minimize leaching of low organics and extractable contaminants. Quantum® TEX Polishing Cartridge can be used with Milli-Q® Advantage A10 / Integral / Reference systems.


This polishing cartridge retains both ions and organics, and is recommended for most laboratory needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Genuine Milli-Q® consumable for the replacement of QTUM0TEX1 - Quantum® TEX Polishing Cartridge.
  • Care-free maintenance: easily installed and replaced.
  • e-Sure tag for RFID connection enables full traceability (data management).
  • Contains Organex (mix of synthetic activated carbon & virgin ion exchange resins).
  • Uses ion exchange technology for purification.
  • Certificate of Quality available online.


  • Organex (Mix of Synthetic activated carbon & virgin Ion exchange resins)
  • Virgin Ion Exchange Resins

Legal Information

Milli-Q is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
QUANTUM is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Certificate of Analysis

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Certificate of Quality

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  1. How frequently do the various consumables need to be changed?

    The frequency that consumables must be changed depends on the system's usage (treated water volume) and on the consumables themselves (time of usage). In order to ensure the quality of water and your results, the consumables should be replaced when the system alerts you.

  2. What is the consumables delivery time?

    Refer to the consumable's Product page for a first estimation of its expected delivery time and contact customer service for more information.

  3. How are consumables changed?

    To help you to change your system's consumables, several video tutorials are available on our YouTube channel: Milli-Q®System Care Tutorials. For high-flow systems, please keep in mind that all consumable changes must be approved by a 3-digit code that only the person in charge of the system knows.

  4. What is the shelf life for Polisher?

    The shelf life is 2 years for all consumables kept in the recommended storage conditions (temperatures from 5 to 30°C; humidity between 10 and 80%). Contact your local representative for more information.

  5. Can I arrange to have my consumables automatically ordered and delivered once a year?

    It's possible to place only one consumable order per year with a specific contract called ""Consumable Supply Agreement (CSA)"" For further information, contact your local representative or sales contact.

  6. Where can I find data sheets, Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Analysis, and Certificates of Quality?

    Documents and certificates are available in the "Documentation" section on this page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

  7. What steps are you taking towards improved sustainability?

    Sustainability is at the heart of our innovations. From reducing water and energy consumption, to minimizing plastic and chemical waste, our dedicated water system engineers are constantly working on new ways to reduce the ecological footprint of our products to better support the sustainability goals we’re all striving towards. For more information, we invite you to review the following brochure and infographic which highlight our efforts and achievements: link. Do not hesitate to contact your local representative for further information.

  8. How can I know which consumables can be used with my system?

    To know which consumables can be used on your system, you can see in the user manual of you system or see it on the following webpage of consumables. All the consumables for each system are indicated.

  9. Can consumables be opened and refilled?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible because of safety issues and the need to guarantee the quality of consumables and their interior purification components. Our consumables are manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified facility France in agreement with high quality standards.

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