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Sigma® centrifuge tubes

capacity 15 mL, sterile, pack of 10 × 50 ea racked





marking spot




RCF 12500 × g
graduations 1.5 ‑ 14.5 mL
self standing


pack of 10 × 50 ea racked

O.D. × L

17.5 mm × 118.5 mm

cap diam.

22.6 mm


15 mL



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General description

Sigma disposable 15 mL centrifuge tubes are available as clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) tubes with a traditional plug seal cap or polypropylene (PP) tubes with either plug seal caps or the new easy-on/easy-off top offering advanced ergonomics with its wider knurls and roll-over edge design. The Sigma centrifuge tubes are available as polypropylene tubes either racked or bulk packed.

  • Sterile, certified nonpyrogenic and DNase-/RNase-free
  • Black printed graduations and a large white marking spot
  • Maximum RCF for PET tubes is 3,600xg

Legal Information

Sigma is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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