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Greiner culture flasks, tissue culture treated

canted neck

tissue culture flask, culture flask, tissue culture flasks


canted neck
polystyrene flask
screw top red high-density polyethylene cap




DNase free
RNase free
with cap


case of 120 (24 bags x 5 flasks)


Greiner 658170


250 mL

working volume

38 mL

binding type

Tissue Culture (TC)-treated surface

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General description

TC treated for maximum cell attachment.

Features and Benefits

  • Greiner culture flasks offer optimal cell adhesion through physical surface treatment.
  • Flasks are non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic and free of detectable DNase, RNase and human DNA.
  • The specific design facilitates optimal access to the samples with a cell scraper or pipette.
  • The canted neck ensures additional protection against contamination.
  • A standard screw cap with a secured click-in ventilation position enables gas exchange within the flasks.

NOTE: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures, unless otherwise indicated.

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