Viral Vector Upstream Processing

Bioreactor graphic representing viral vector production

Optimizing the upstream portion of the gene therapy production workflow sets the stage for successful manufacturing by maximizing viral vector titers. Without the benefit of a proven template, however, process development teams must evaluate all aspects of viral vector production including:

To minimize variability and risk across these process inputs, gene therapy manufacturers can collaborate with an experienced technology partner with expertise in all aspects of viral vector production as well as related products and services.

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Thaw and Expand Cells and Seeds

Frozen cells from a working or master cell bank are thawed and expanded to increase their numbers in preparation for subsequent processing steps.

Media and Inoculum Prep

Cell culture media are optimized with the appropriate nutrients, supplements, and pH for cell growth and virus production.

Cell Growth and Virus Production

Cells are grown in a bioreactor or other controlled environment under specific conditions to maximize virus production.

Cell Lysis

In AAV production, host cells are lysed by chemical or mechanical means so that the viruses can be released into the media.

DNA Digestion

Unwanted whole cell and plasmid DNA is digested using a nuclease enzyme.

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