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Therapeutic antibody lead discovery involves the selection of antibody candidates for targeted therapies. After a specific target has been identified, antibodies are produced using the target molecule as an antigen. Antibodies can be generated using methods including hybridoma technology, B cell cloning, and phage display. Antibodies are then purified and screened for their ability to bind antigen. Selected antibodies are further characterized to determine their specificity, affinity, stability, and pharmacokinetic properties. We provide numerous platforms and reagents to support the lead discovery process, from monoclonal antibody generation to isolation, selection, and lead optimization. 

Lead Discovery for Monoclonal Antibodies


Monoclonal antibody production is one of the most time-consuming and laborious phases in discovery. Recent advances in B cell cloning and phage display have revolutionized antibody library generation, reducing cost and accelerating lead discovery timelines.

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