Therapeutic Antibody Development

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Robust preclinical methods are crucial for evaluation of potential antibody drugs, ensuring that time, money, and effort are spent on the most promising candidates with greatest therapeutic potential. Recent advances in preclinical modeling and multi-parameter analysis have significantly improved the rigor of experimental evaluation of lead antibody candidates. Our products provide more biologically relevant models and enable more comprehensive assessment to accelerate therapeutic antibody development. 

Therapeutic Antibody Preclinical Development

Therapeutic Antibody Preclinical Development

Fail Faster With Predictive Preclinical Studies

The high failure rate of drug candidates due to safety and efficacy concerns necessitates the use of preclinical in vitro and in vivo models to help predict the safety and clinical efficacy of lead drug candidates during early-stage drug development. We offer a wide range of tools to support in vitro and in vivo testing, pharmacokinetic analysis, pharmacology assessment, and toxicology studies, enabling our clients to more comprehensively evaluate antibody drug candidates. 

Models for preclinical assessment of monoclonal antibodies, including 2D cell culture, 3D cell culture, organoids, animal models, and studies using human samples.

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