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Grace Bio-Labs Culturewell chamberSLIP 16

wells, 16, with non-removable chambered coverglass, sterile, pack of 8

non-removable chambered coverglass, non-removable chambered coverslip




wells 16
with non-removable chambered coverglass


pack of 8

well volume × area

100-250 μL × 0.4 cm2

General description

CultureWell ChamberSLIP 16 NON-Removable Chambered Coverglass, 16 Well, No. 1.5 German borosilicate coverglass. The product consists of cell culture vessels, with a 2×8 format with standard 96-well plate volumes and well spacing.

ChamberSLIP 16 Coverslip Non-Removable format has fixed chambers that do not separate from the coverglass for applications that do not require mounting fixed cells.

Legal Information

Culturewell is a trademark of Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.

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