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Grace Bio-Labs CoverWell perfusion chambers

3 chambers, port diam. 1.5 mm, chamber W × L × thickness 3 mm × 32 mm × 0.6 mm

leak proof enclosure for slides, microscope stick on multiwell chamber, reusable press to seal multiwell chamber, water tight multiple well chamber


clear polycarbonate backing
red silicon wells




wells 3


Grace Bio-Labs 622503

chamber W × L × thickness

3 mm × 32 mm × 0.6 mm

port diam.

1.5 mm



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General description

CoverWell perfusion chambers press-to-seal covers form water-tight, multiwell cell incubation or cytochemistry chambers when pressed to coverslips or microscope slides. Reagents can be quickly added and removed through dual access ports without disturbing or cross-contaminating specimens. Chambers are available in five chamber configurations allowing up to eight different specimens or analytical tests on one coverglass.

CoverWell perfusion chambers form removable, water-tight multiwell enclosures by pressing to coverglass or microscope slides. Chambers are made of medical-grade silicone bonded to clear, UV-transparent plastic, and are removable for permanent mounting. The thin polycarbonate cover displays excellent transparency. The perfusion chambers are ideal for live cell imaging on upright or inverted microscopes at high magnification.

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CoverWell is a trademark of Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.

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