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FAST slides for protein microarrays

1 pad, barcoded, 20 x 51 mm, pk/20

microarray slides, protein microarrays




pack of 20


Maine Mfg 10484182


suitable for (ELISA format (sandwhich assay) antibody arrays, protein arrays, carbohydrate arrays, reverse phase (micro-Western) arrays using cell or tissue lysates)

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General description

Fast Slide 1-Pad
  • Up to 10,000 spots (150 μm spot size, 300 μm pitch)
  • Slide: 1" x 3" (25 x 76 mm)
  • Surface: Nitrocellulose
  • Thickness: 11 μm
FAST Slides are the premier surface for protein microarray applications.

FAST Slides are glass slides coated with a proprietary nitrocellulose polymer. The polymer binds proteins in a noncovalent, irreversible manner and can be probed using the same method as in traditional blots.

The three-dimensional surface of a FAST Slide maintains reactivity of proteins and gives excellent reproducible results. It is usable with fluorescent, chemiluminescent or radiographic detection systems and is compatible with microarray scanners and robots.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of FAST Slides over modified glass surfaces is that the matrix retains arrayed proteins in near-quantitative fashion. This property translates into antibody arrays with unparalleled sensitivity down to antigen concentrations of 1 pg/ml. These qualities make FAST Slides the most reliable surface for microarray experiments and provide a high level of confidence.

  • Superior protein binding capacity
  • Highest sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Excellent long-term stability of printed proteins
  • Compatible with all detection methodologies
  • Compatible with commercially available arraying robots

FAST Slides are suitable for many types of protein microarrays including antibody arrays and microarray Westerns. There are tremendous advantages to using FAST Slides over traditional ELISAs and Westerns including less sample required, better sensitivity, linearity and quantitation. The major advantage is that hundreds or thousands of antibodies or samples can be screened simultaneously.

Compatible detection methodologies

FAST Slides are compatible with fluorescent, chemiluminescent or radiographic detection systems.

Other Notes

Field of Use : For internal research use only. Products are not intended for diagnostic use or resale.

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