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Supported Liquid Extraction Columns, Resins & Accessories

EXtrelut® NT pre-packed columns for the extraction of lipophilic compounds from aqueous solutions

Liquid-Liquid extraction (LLE) is a solvent extraction process that separates an analyte by transferring it from one immiscible solvent to another solvent using a separatory funnel. Supported liquid extraction (SLE) is a type of LLE process in which a polar solid media acts as solvent support.

Sample preparation is a vital and time-consuming analysis step and selective sample preparation is essential to exploit the benefits offered by advanced analytical instruments. However, the classical LLE approach can be time-consuming due to the formation of emulsions, poor phase separation, and high-volume solvent consumption.

Our EXtrelut® sorbents and liquid-liquid extraction columns offer more efficient LLE, particularly for sample preparation of aqueous matrices. EXtrelut® NT sorbent simplifies LLE by replacing the separatory funnel. This emulsion-free, single-step process is easy to handle and efficient in solvent consumption and provides material and time savings in comparison to classical funnel separation.

EXtrelut® NT sorbent is utilized in sample preparation for the clinical, diagnostics, food, and beverage industries, in addition to industrial, domestic, and waste-water analysis.

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EXtrelut® NT pre-packed columns

We offer three EXtrelut® NT pre-packed columns for the extraction of lipophilic compounds from aqueous solutions based on the sample volume. EXtrelut® NT1 can hold a maximum of 1 mL. The EXtrelut® NT3 and EXtrelut® NT20 can hold up to 3 mL and 20 mL, respectively. In this column, elution is carried out with 2-3 times the sample volume.

EXtrelut® NT bulk packing material & refill packs for SLE

EXtrelut® NT packing material is available for the preparation of large-volume extraction columns. Additionally, we provide EXtrelut® NT refill packs for refilling EXtrelut® NT20 columns.

EXtrelut® NT accessories

We also offer EXtrelut® NT accessories, such as collection tubes with screw caps and cannulae with Luer tip for EXtrelut® NT1 and EXtrelut® NT3 glass columns. Replacement filters are also available for all three EXtrelut® NT pre-packed columns.

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