Bioprocessing Mobius® Single-Use Bioreactors

Three bioprocessing Mobius<sup>®</sup> single-use bioreactors. Mobius® Breez Microbioreactor on left, Mobius® 3 L Single-Use Bioreactor in center, and Mobius® iFlex Bioreactors on right.

Whether you are looking to introduce modular single-use bioreactors into your current process or whether you are investigating how you can increase your manufacturing flexibility to accommodate all types of upstream processing (batch, fed-batch, and perfusion processes), Mobius® products and solutions can help you meet your evolving cell culture needs.

The Mobius® Bioreactor family includes the bench scale (2 mL and 3 L), pilot, clinical and commercial manufacturing (50 – 2,000 L) bioreactors that enable cell culturing capabilities from early process development through commercial batch production.

Mobius® single-use bioreactors include products to help you work faster and more cost-effectively. Our experts will partner with you throughout the process to help you meet your goals. 

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Benchtop Single-Use Bioreactors

Mobius® Breez Microbioreactor, showing the device, monitor, and attachments.

Mobius® Breez Microbioreactor

2 mL automated single-use perfusion cell culture platform designed to support gentle, adaptable, and reproducible cell processes. The system is capable of accelerating a range of applications such as cell line development, media screening and optimization, and early process development. The Mobius® Breez Microbioreactor allows you to increase efficiency and reduce development timelines and costs over traditional technologies that require more material consumption.


  • Enables perfusion processes to achieve high cell densities in 2 mL
  • Freedom from hands-on work with automated control and monitoring
  • Operational flexibility allows you to save on development time and costs​
Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor 200 L in perfusion mode. A clear cylinder with a yellow base and top, with clear tubes coming out all around.

Mobius® 3 L Single-Use Bioreactor

Single-use stirred tank bioreactor for bench-scale cell culture in fed-batch or perfusion mode. It combines the predictability of a stirred tank design with the flexibility of single use, making it the ideal solution for bench scale cell culture process development.​


  • Maximize laboratory resources by saving days of downtime between experiments ​
  • Compatible with wide range of controllers, eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment to switch to a single-use solution
  • Comparable functionality to conventional glass bioreactors

Pilot, Clinical & Commercial Single-Use Bioreactors

Mobius® iFlex Bioreactor 200 L in perfusion mode. Four machines all in a line, connected together with tubes and wires.

Mobius® iFlex Bioreactors

Future-proof your process with modular flexibility today.

Start your transition into the biomanufacturing facility of the future with the Mobius® iFlex Bioreactors—a modular, next-generation, high-performing, perfusion-ready bioreactor, with unparalleled design that can support ultra-high cell densities.

The new Mobius® iFlex Bioreactors are a scalable portfolio of stirred tank bioreactors that leverages single-use bags with enhanced strength, made with our innovative Ultimus® film. Perfusion applications are supported with ease by integrating a perfusion tower, that uses the Cellicon® Filter Assemblies to retain cells in the bioreactor vessel while removing spent media.


  • High performance with enhanced mixing and oxygen transfer
  • Flexibility to fulfill batch, fed-batch and
    perfusion processes
  • Scalability from 50 L to 2000 L

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