Single-Use Assemblies

Whether you are looking to introduce single-use manufacturing components into your current process or investigating how you can implement a single-use process train, Mobius® 2D and 3D single-use assemblies and solutions can help you meet your changing manufacturing requirements.  

Mobius® 2D and 3D bag assemblies

Our Mobius® 2D and 3D assemblies provide efficient and scalable bioprocessing fluid management solutions, from media and buffer preparation to final fill applications. With a full spectrum of solutions to choose from, at varying levels of certification, you get greater flexibility, mobility, and support for your single-use technologies. Our assemblies and solutions are designed to reduce operator error and process risks while improving efficiency. With our proprietary EZ Fold technique, filling and deployment of our Mobius® 3D bag assemblies are made easy for operators.

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We're committed to developing high-performance products that continually evolve with your needs. To ensure you stay ahead in your manufacturing, we provide standard ready-to-ship assemblies that are off-the-shelf for immediate process needs. Solutions include:

Ready-to-ship Single-use Assemblies Help Meet Your Challenging Timeline

Mobius® Essential Assemblies are standard, off-the-shelf, simple bioprocess bag and tubing assemblies. These plug-and-play assemblies are made of our proven PureFlex™ film and are available in both 2D bags (1–50 L), 3D bags (100–200 L), as well as bioprocess tubing assemblies.

These standard assemblies are easily integrated into your current processes providing you with a straight path for scale-up to our Mobius® MyWay assemblies with PureFlex™ film.

  • Eliminate design and manufacturing lead time
  • 1 L - 200 L sizes that can easily scale up to premium assemblies under Mobius® MyWay program

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Mobius® MyWay – Options to Suit Your Supply Needs

Mobius® MyWay is a comprehensive three-tiered program designed to promote a balance of single-use lead times with design flexibility, while enhancing supply security. Mobius® MyWay allows you to have the flexibility of ordering standard and configurable “fit for purpose” assemblies while still receiving the benefits of documentation support and extractable data at reduced lead times. Our unique approach reduces consumable management burden and cost, enhances supply transparency, and improves security.


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        Off-the-Shelf Standard Assemblies 

        Configure-to-Order Assemblies, Using a Library of Prequalified Components 

        Highly Customized Solutions

        Mobius® assemblies are available in several levels of certification. Certification of an assembly is based on the qualification of the components in the assembly, the level of leak testing performed during manufacturing, and the testing performed on the assembly lot after manufacturing. The certification level also impacts the shelf life and sterility claims that are made for the assembly.

        Helium Integrity Manufacturing Release Test for Increased Integrity Assurance

        Mobius® single-use assemblies* can also be tested with a Helium Integrity Manufacturing Release Test. Our Helium Integrity Test is validated to detect defects as small as 2 µm, and is designed to test the entire single-use assembly, including tubing and connection points. Incorporating the Helium Integrity Test into your integrity assurance strategy reduces the risk of leaks or microbial ingress in your manufacturing process.

        *  Mobius® assemblies for Helium Integrity Test is subject to the design space rules. Please find the details in the Helium Test Data Sheet.

        Single-use film technology

        Our Ultimus® film was designed for superior robustness and durability in large-volume processing through a proprietary woven nylon structure. The fluid contact layer is animal origin-free, with low extractable, and supports healthy cell growth as it does not contain Irgafos® 168. 

        Our PureFlex™ films are used for the construction of Mobius® single-use 2D and 3D bag assemblies. Both PureFlex™ and PureFlex™ Plus films consist of a single fluid contact layer with a low extractable profile, chemically resistant materials, and zero animal-derived components, offering the flexibility and robustness you need throughout your single-use manufacturing processes.

        Have a question about Ultimus® film? Contact our technical experts here. 

        Mobius® Single-use Assemblies are Supported by the Emprove® Program – The Smart Way To Master Compliance And Control

        Complementing our product portfolio, the Emprove® Program provides convenient access to reliable technical, regulatory and supply information in Emprove® Dossiers to support your risk assessment continuum. A subscription to our Emprove® Suite can help you stay current: In addition to accessing the Emprove® Dossiers, you can also receive notification updates to document changes, as well as generate download metrics and reports.

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        Quality control and assurance to support your bioprocess risk mitigation

        With a global network of sales development specialists and engineers we can support you with system demonstration, design and implementation, at-scale process simulation, and feasibility studies, as well as validation studies and documentation, supported by BioReliance® validation services.
        We take a holistic risk mitigation approach covering:

        • Component and assembly qualification
        • Bag and assembly manufacturing process
        • Integrity testing
        • Packaging, irradiation, and shipping

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