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CRISPR/Cas9 Products and Services
Synonym: CRISPR, CRISPRs, Cas9, Crispr RNA, Crispr/Cas System, Synthetic CRISPR, crRNA, tracrRNA
MISSION® TRC3 Human LentiORF Collection
MISSION® TRC3 Human LentiORF Collection; Synonym: Blasticidin ORF, Entry ORF, Gateway Cloning, Gene Expression, Gene Overexpression, Gene Validation, LentiORF, MISSION® TRC3 Human LentiORF, MISSION® TRC3 ORF, Open Reading Frame, Protein Expression, Puromycin ORF, Rescue Experiments, TRC3; find null-ORF MSDS, related
Custom Peptides
Custom Peptides: Product Overview, Design, and Ordering
Calculators & Apps
Calculators & Apps
Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific Region
Americas region
Modulated Gene Expression in 3D Cell Culture: Implications for Drug Discovery
Introduction of the modulation in expression profile for some genes and proteins when comparing 2D versus 3D cell culture conditions.
Inorganic Nanoparticles — Unique Properties and Novel Applications
This article highlights the rich variety of structures and properties that can be realized in materials based on inorganic nanoparticles, and points to outstanding fundamental questions raised in controlling these properties.
Monodispersed Nanodiamonds and their Applications
Among various nanomaterials, nanoparticles of less than 10 nm size remain the most sought-after products.
Calcium Phosphate Transfection Kit Protocol
Calcium phosphate transfection is a common method for the introduction of DNA into eukaryotic cells. This protocol can be optimized for use with a wide variety of cell types.
GC Analysis of Xylene Isomers on SLB®-IL60
GC Analysis of Xylene Isomers on SLB®-IL60 - The cresol (methylphenol) isomers are also precursors to many chemicals. This chromatogram of a mix of aromatic and methylphenol compounds was generated using an SLB-IL60 ionic liquid column. Its interaction mechanisms allow
Maruoka Catalysts
Asymmetric phase transfer catalysis using the Maruoka catalysts has proven to be an ideal method for the enantioselective preparation of natural and unnatural α-alkyl and α,α-dialkyl-α-amino acids from glycine derivati
Analysis of Fluorescent Dyes Used for Labeling DNA in Microarray Experiments
An article concerning Analyzing Properties of Fluorescent Dyes for Labeling DNA in Microarray Experiments presented by
Enterobacteriaceae in Food
General guidance for the detection and enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae in food according to EN-ISO 8523:1991 and EN-ISO 4832:1991, respectively.
Three-Dimensional Printing of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
We will explore the technological advances that have contributed toward the progress of 3DP of tissue engineering scaffolds, current materials used to create 3DP scaffolds, and the challenges that remain.
Macmillan Imidazolidinone Organocatalysts
In collaboration with Materia, Inc., we are pleased to offer six imidazolidinone OrganoCatalysts™.
Protocol Guide: XTT Assay for Cell Viability and Proliferation
XTT assay protocol for measuring cell viability, proliferation, activation and cytotoxicity. Instructions for XTT reagent preparation and examples of applications.
Heparin Versus Heparin Sulfate Proteoglycans
Heparin is distinct from heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HS) which is primarily produced by mast cells. While, HS is produced by all cell types. Know more about the difference between heparin and heparin sulfate proteoglycan and select the right component for
3D Cell Culture with Corning Microplates
Take a deep dive into the world of 3D cell culture courtesy of Corning and understand why the Corning® spheroid microplate can be an asset in the evolution of 3D cell culture.
Cell Freezing and Banking
Cell Freezing and Banking
Evolution of Cell Culture Surfaces
For good cell attachment the hydrophobic polystyrene surface must be modified to a more hydrophilic surface. This allows cell attachment proteins (vitronectin and fibronectin) found in the serum containing culture medium to adhere and spread on the vessel bottom providing
Corning® U-shaped 150 and 175 cm2 Flasks Demonstrate Same Cell Growth as Traditional Rectangular Design
Corning® U-shaped 150 and 175 cm2 Flasks Demonstrate Same Cell Growth as Traditional Rectangular Design
Overcoming Aggregation in Solid-phase Peptide Synthesis
Learn how to overcome aggregation in Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis
Cell Tracking with Lipophilic Membrane Dyes
Optimal staining is a key component for studying tumorigenesis and progression. Learn useful tips and techniques for dye applications, including examples from recent studies.
Primary Human Preadipocytes and Preadipocyte/Adipocyte Growth & Differentiation Media
Primary human white preadipocytes and culture media for the expansion of undifferentiated preadipocytes, differentiation to adipocytes, and cultivation of mature adipocytes. Protocols for handling, cell passaging, media, and product use.
Attachment Factors for 3-Dimensional Cell Culture
Attachment Factors for 3-Dimensional Cell Culture
Biologic APIs and Conjugation Experts – SAFC - St. Louis
SAFC’s St. Louis, Missouri (USA) campus is a key center of manufacturing excellence in cGMP biologics, with over 25 years experience in plant- and animal-based therapeutic protein extraction and purification, bio-conjugation, excipients and adjuvants manufacturing.
Methyl Isotope-Labeling of Proteins from NMR-Bio
Methyl groups are ideal probes for studying protein structure and function by NMR. Choose among user-friendly kits for isotope labeling of a single type or multiple types of methyl groups.
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