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Detection of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-AA in actively healing human wounds treated with recombinant PDGF-BB and absence of PDGF in chronic nonhealing wounds.
Pierce GF
The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 96, 1336-1350 (1995)
The biology of platelet-derived growth factor.
R Ross et al.
Cell, 46(2), 155-169 (1986-07-18)
Native and oxidized LDL enhances production of PDGF AA and the surface expression of PDGF receptors in cultured human smooth muscle cells.
Stiko-Rahm A
Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis, 12, 1099-1109 (1992)
Structural and functional studies on platelet-derived growth factor.
C H Heldin
The EMBO journal, 11(12), 4251-4259 (1992-12-01)
An essential role for senescent cells in optimal wound healing through secretion of PDGF-AA.
Demaria M
Developmental Cell, 31, 722-733 (2014)
Isolation of neural stem cells from the postnatal cerebellum.
Lee A
Nature Neuroscience, 8, 723-729 (2005)
Mice deficient for PDGF B show renal, cardiovascular, and hematological abnormalities.
Leveen P
Genes & Development, 8, 1875-1887 (1994)
Interleukin-1 mitogenic activity for fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells is due to PDGF-AA.
Raines EW
Science, 243, 393-396 (1989)
T Collins et al.
Nature, 328(6131), 621-624 (1987-08-13)
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is a basic protein of relative molecular mass 30,000 (Mr 30K) composed of two polypeptide chains, designated PDGF A and PDGF B. The B-chain is encoded by the c-sis gene, the cellular counterpart of the simian
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