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Customer Collaboration Labs for Bioprocessing Optimization


When you’re racing to get life-enhancing therapeutics to market, even small problems can cause big delays–unless you have proactive solutions.

That’s what you’ll find with M Lab™ Collaboration Centers for biomanufacturing excellence: in-person or virtual collaboration with leading scientific experts, innovative bioprocessing technologies to explore, and vibrant lab spaces to authentically recreate your process train.

Much more than a resource, this is an experience to help you get your products to more patients, more rapidly.

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Understand, optimize, and scale up your bioprocess at M Lab™ Collaboration Centers

Each M Lab™ Collaboration Center experience is tailored to meet your unique needs.

  • EXPLORE new techniques in a multimodal, non-GMP environment. Develop and optimize your entire biopharmaceutical process train without disrupting your own operations.
  • LEARN how Bioprocessing 4.0 can accelerate your speed to market. Experiment with automated workflows, A.I.-driven software to predict process parameters, and other cutting-edge innovations.
  • COLLABORATE with 300+ scientific leaders. No matter your therapeutic type, you’ll find the right experts here to help you solve your upstream and downstream challenges.

Upskill your bioprocess team with dynamic technical experiences across the full process train.

Bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques and regulations are continuously evolving. To succeed, your team needs to evolve with them.

That’s what you’ll get from the biomanufacturing training opportunities available in North America and globally. Technical trainers with an average of 20 years’ experience will help your team grow and strengthen their upstream and downstream skills through a variety of delivery platforms:

  • In-person → For hands-on biomanufacturing training, whether in your facility or at one of the M Lab™ Collaboration Center locations
  • Livestream → For an interactive learning experience delivered from our lab to yours
  • E-Learning → For digital, on-demand access from anywhere

Put your ideas to the test (without putting your bioprocessing operation at risk)

Whether you’re developing a novel molecule or reimagining an established production strategy, M Lab™ Collaboration Centers provide a flexible space to get curious about new biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, master best practices, and optimize your scale-up approach before you commit to real-world decisions.

Future-proof your biotech startup

Avoid surprises on the path to commercialization with individualized support from experts who know exactly what it takes for pioneers to become success stories. M Lab™ Collaboration Centers leverage our Biotech Resource Hub to bring you complete solutions.

Design bioprocess solutions from anywhere, for any problem

Visit an M Lab™ Collaboration Center in a global biotech hub near you, or collaborate virtually through seamless, world-class remote technologies.

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