Pten regulates collagen fibrillogenesis by fibroblasts through SPARC.

PloS one (2021-02-04)
Caitlin E Jones, Joe T Sharick, Sheila E Colbert, Vasudha C Shukla, Joshua M Zent, Michael C Ostrowski, Samir N Ghadiali, Steven T Sizemore, Jennifer L Leight

Collagen deposition contributes to both high mammographic density and breast cancer progression. Low stromal PTEN expression has been observed in as many as half of breast tumors and is associated with increases in collagen deposition, however the mechanism connecting PTEN loss to increased collagen deposition remains unclear. Here, we demonstrate that Pten knockout in fibroblasts using an Fsp-Cre;PtenloxP/loxP mouse model increases collagen fiber number and fiber size within the mammary gland. Pten knockout additionally upregulated Sparc transcription in fibroblasts and promoted collagen shuttling out of the cell. Interestingly, SPARC mRNA expression was observed to be significantly elevated in the tumor stroma as compared to the normal breast in several patient cohorts. While SPARC knockdown via shRNA did not affect collagen shuttling, it notably decreased assembly of exogenous collagen. In addition, SPARC knockdown decreased fibronectin assembly and alignment of the extracellular matrix in an in vitro fibroblast-derived matrix model. Overall, these data indicate upregulation of SPARC is a mechanism by which PTEN regulates collagen deposition in the mammary gland stroma.

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4-Nitro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenol, 99% (GC)