Immuno-Oncology Cell Lines

Whether you need screening tools for CAR/TCR therapies and mAB development, target cells for efficacy testing, or potency assays for clinical development, we provide functional biologically-relevant solutions to help you save time, accelerate your immuno-oncology research, and simplify your workflow.

Our immuno-oncology cell lines are innovative research tools for biologics discovery and clinical development. These are the perfect cell-based assay tools you need for the entire drug discovery and clinical development process.

Immuno-Oncology Workflow

Tumor-Associated Antigen Panel Cell Lines

Tumor associated antigen cell lines

Figure 1.Tumor associated antigen cell lines

The tumor-associated antigen panel cell lines are a series of up to three gene-edited cell lines that express individual tumor antigens at KO, low, and high levels. The endogenous target antigen was knocked out and different levels of target antigen was knocked in to stably express high and low levels of antigen, as confirmed by FACS. Suitable application for CAR-T potency testing, monoclonal antibody therapies, and checkpoint inhibition studies.

Monoallelic HLA Panel Cell Lines

Monoallelic HLA Panel Cell Lines

Figure 2.Monoallelic HLA Panel Cell Lines

The HLA panels are a series of up to ten gene-edited cell lines that express individual HLAs plus a negative control MHC class I HLA KO cell line in biologically-relevant parental cells. Suitable application for TCR therapies and peptide vaccine research

Consistency for each assay and applications

Our immuno-oncology cell lines will help you effectively produce reliable and consistent results for several assays and applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Cytokine Release Assays
  • ADCC Assays
  • Cytotoxicity Assays
  • Live Cell Imaging Potency Assays
  • T Cell Activation Assays
  • FACS Analysis
  • Cytokine Release Assays
  • Potency Assays
Effector Cells plus Checkpoint Inhibitor plus Antigen Panel Cell Lines
CAR-T/NK Cells plus Antigen Panel Cell Lines