EZ-PAK® Membrane Dispenser Curve

Membrane filtration, General microbiological analysis


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pkg of (1 unit)


bioburden testing: suitable
water monitoring: suitable


(Membrane filter dispenser)


sample type bottled water
sample type cosmetics
sample type pharmaceutical(s)
sample type beer

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(Beverages, Water)


Membrane filtration

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EZ-PAK® Membrane Dispenser Curve is a robust, durable, and high-throughput membrane dispenser. It is lightweight, portable, and can be easily moved between lab benches. The dispenser provides high-speed, sterile dispensing with the no-touch operation. EZ-PAK® membranes are the consumables loaded on the dispenser for easy handling. For better efficiency and convenience, pair-up with our MICROFIL® filtration system is recommended. Each cartridge contains 150 membranes. The membranes can be unwrapped, dispensed, and consistently well-positioned for transfer with forceps, without any touch. Software controls prevent the accidental dispensing of multiple membranes. The smooth shape facilitates easy cleaning, and the plastic material is compatible with a large range of disinfection agents. The new design with cover allows for easy loading of cartridge in less than 30 seconds. The industrial infrared sensor enables the dispense of a membrane in less than one second. The dispenser can work with or without connection to a power outlet. Up to 10,000 membranes can be dispensed, with a fully charged Lithium-ion battery, and a standby mode is activated to save energy after 10 minutes of idle time.


EZ-PAK® Membrane Dispenser Curve is used for efficient and consistent dispensing of membrane filters for bioburden testing.

Cechy i korzyści

  • High-speed sterile membrane dispensing
  • No-touch operation
  • One-handed membrane transfer

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EZ-PAK is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
MICROFIL is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
New microbiological standards for fruit juices: BAT broth and BAT agar acc. IFU Method No. 12:2019 for detection and enumeration of Alicyclobacillus spp. in fruit juice and juice-related products and their ingredients intended for human consumption.
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A touch-free membrane filter dispenser can streamline your membrane filtration testing workflow. Use with EZ-Pak® filter membranes for high-volume sampling.
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Clean drinking water is essential for food and beverage production. This article gives an overview of chemical and microbiological testing of the drinking water for quality and safety.
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The Microfil® filtration system is a simple and reliable solution for routine testing of raw materials, beverages and water for microbiological contamination. These tests are an important part of your quality assurance program.
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Nasz zespół naukowców ma doświadczenie we wszystkich obszarach badań, w tym w naukach przyrodniczych, materiałoznawstwie, syntezie chemicznej, chromatografii, analityce i wielu innych dziedzinach.

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