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MISSION® esiRNA are endoribonuclease prepared siRNA. They are a heterogeneous mixture of siRNA that all target the same mRNA sequence. These multiple silencing triggers lead to highly-specific and effective gene silencing.

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MISSION is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC


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Sijie Tan et al.
Scientific reports, 9(1), 727-727 (2019-01-27)
Mitochondrial dysfunction underscores aging and diseases. Mitophagy (mitochondria + autophagy) is a quality control pathway that preserves mitochondrial health by targeting damaged mitochondria for autophagic degradation. Hence, molecules or compounds that can augment mitophagy are therapeutic candidates to mitigate mitochondrial-related diseases. However...
Valeria Crippa et al.
Scientific reports, 6, 22827-22827 (2016-03-11)
Neurodegenerative diseases (NDs) are often associated with the presence of misfolded protein inclusions. The chaperone HSPB8 is upregulated in mice, the human brain and muscle structures affected during NDs progression. HSPB8 exerts a potent pro-degradative activity on several misfolded proteins...
Raquel Parra-Millán et al.
mSphere, 3(2) (2018-03-31)
Acinetobacter baumannii is a significant human pathogen associated with hospital-acquired infections. While adhesion, an initial and important step in A. baumannii infection, is well characterized, the intracellular trafficking of this pathogen inside host cells remains poorly studied. Here, we demonstrate that...
Xingchen Zhao et al.
The Journal of pathology, 245(2), 235-248 (2018-03-24)
Insufficient autophagy in podocytes is related to podocyte injury in diabetic nephropathy (DN). Advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) are major factors of podocyte injury in DN. However, the role and mechanism of AGEs in autophagic dysfunction remain unknown. We investigated autophagic...
Li He et al.
Journal of leukocyte biology, 100(5), 1113-1124 (2016-11-02)
Macrophage dysfunction in obesity and diabetes is associated with persistent inflammation and poor wound healing responses. Relevant to these phenotypes, we have previously shown that macrophage activation in a high-fat environment results in cell death via a mechanism that involves...

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