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Cytiva RPN2236

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Amersham ECL Prime is a highly sensitive reagent, characterized by stable signal emission, allowing for the possibility of repeated exposures and making it easier to process several blots in the same experimental run. The high intensity of the emitted signals means that proteins can be detected using highly diluted primary and secondary antibodies, contributing to low background and reducing consumption of reagents.

Amersham ECL Prime consolidates and builds on the benefits of Amersham ECL Plus and Amersham ECL Advance to deliver a detection system that is sensitive, stable, precisely quantitative across a wide dynamic range of protein levels, and conservative in its consumption of expensive antibody reagents.


ECL Prime Western blotting detection reagent has been used to detect chemiluminescent signals during Western blotting.

Cechy i korzyści

  • Compatible with Rainbow Molecular Weight Markers and Amersham ECL DualVue Western Blotting Markers.
  • High signal intensity and sensitivity allows the use of highly diluted primary and secondary antibodies with no reduction in sensitivity.
  • Stable signal allows multiple exposures and makes the reagent suitable for large experimental series, allowing convenient handling time between the end of the experiment and detection.
  • Optimized for use with Amersham Hybond-P® (PVDF) membranes and compatible with Amersham Hybond-ECL (nitrocellulose) membranes.
  • Optimized for imaging with ImageQuant LAS series (CCD-based imaging) and compatible with Amersham Hyperfilm.


The following components are included in the Amersham ECL Prime detection reagent kit.
  • RPN2236 Solution A: Luminol solution, 3 × 50 ml Solution B: Peroxide solution, 3 × 50 ml sufficient for 3000 cm2 membrane

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Amersham is a trademark of Cytiva
ECL is a trademark of Cytiva
ECL DualView is a trademark of Amersham
Hybond is a registered trademark of Cytiva
Hyperfilm is a trademark of Cytiva


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Registered report: Melanoma genome sequencing reveals frequent PREX2 mutations
Denise Chroscinski
eLife, 3 (2014)
Background and protocols describing the various methods used by molecular biologists to detect samples of protein or nucleic acids bound to membranes.
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This page describes troubleshooting strategies in the detection of GST-tagged proteins.
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This page describes chemiluminescence detection of GST-tagged proteins with Amersham ECL, Amersham ECL Prime, and Amersham ECL Select from Cytiva.
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This page describes how to monitor expression and purification of GST-tagged proteins by Western blot analysis using Cytiva products.
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Nasz zespół naukowców ma doświadczenie we wszystkich obszarach badań, w tym w naukach przyrodniczych, materiałoznawstwie, syntezie chemicznej, chromatografii, analityce i wielu innych dziedzinach.

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