Myb expression is critical for myeloid leukemia development induced by Setbp1 activation.

Oncotarget (2016-11-20)
Nhu Nguyen, Bandana A Vishwakarma, Kevin Oakley, Yufen Han, Bartlomiej Przychodzen, Jaroslaw P Maciejewski, Yang Du

SETBP1 missense mutations have been frequently identified in multiple myeloid neoplasms; however, their oncogenic potential remains unclear. Here we show that expression of Setbp1 mutants carrying two such mutations in mouse bone marrow progenitors efficiently induced development of acute myeloid leukemias (AMLs) in irradiated recipient mice with significantly shorter latencies and greater penetrance than expression of wild-type Setbp1, suggesting that these mutations are highly oncogenic. The increased oncogenicity of Setbp1 missense mutants could be due in part to their capability to drive significantly higher target gene transcription. We further identify Myb as a critical mediator of Setbp1-induced self-renewal as its knockdown caused efficient differentiation of myeloid progenitors immortalized by wild-type Setbp1 and Setbp1 missense mutants. Interestingly, Myb is also a direct transcriptional target of Setbp1 and Setbp1 missense mutants as they directly bind to the Myb locus in immortalized cells and dramatically activate a critical enhancer/promoter region of Myb in luciferase reporter assays. Furthermore, Myb knockdown in Setbp1 and Setbp1 missense mutations-induced AML cells also efficiently induced their differentiation in culture and significantly prolonged the survival of their secondary recipient mice, suggesting that targeting MYB pathway could be a promising strategy for treating human myeloid neoplasms with SETBP1 activation.

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MISSION® pLKO.1-puro Non-Mammalian shRNA Control Plasmid DNA, Targets no known mammalian genes
MISSION® pLKO.1-puro eGFP shRNA Control Plasmid DNA, shRNA sequence targeting eGFP
Anti-Myb Antibody, clone 1-1, clone 1-1, Upstate®, from mouse
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