Pesticide Standards

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Pesticides are substances that are either chemical, biological agents (such as viruses, bacteria, antimicrobials, disinfectants, etc.) or a mixture of materials intended to prevent, destroy, repel or mitigate any pests. They are applied to eliminate targeted pests such as insects, rodents, weed, bacteria, plant pathogens, mollusks, nematodes (roundworms), mold, fungus, and any microbes that destroy property, cause nuisance, spread disease, or are vectors for diseases. 

The residues from these pesticides can end up in the air, soil, water, and food. With our pesticide reference materials, you can accurately monitor soil, water, and food quality in accordance with national and international regulations. 

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Pesticide analytical standard grade (PESTANAL®)

PESTANAL® pesticide analytical standards are specifically designed for your routine analytics or screening tests, choose from our wide variety of neat or solution standards. Our range of neat pesticides comprises mother substances along with an increasing list of metabolites. To ensure the utmost transparency on your every purchase we provide a certificate of analysis with expiry date as well a product chromatogram.

Isotope labeled pesticides

Isotope dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS) is often applied to determine matrix effects and result bias owing to the loss of the analyte. This technique takes advantage of the fact that isotope labeled compounds have identical physical properties as the nonlabelled analogues. They can still be distinguished in mass spectrometry by spiking the sample prior to the workup process with an isotope labeled analogue, the material loss during workup can be easily determined and compensated. We offer a growing portfolio of both neat material and solutions, labeled as 13C, 15N, or D.

Pesticide reference material grade

Our pesticide reference material grade is certified under ISO/IEC 17025 for their property value using qNMR or mass balance approach. Hence, these reference materials assist you to achieve measurable, accurate, and traceable results.

Pesticide certified reference material grade (TraceCERT®)

Our rapidly expanding TraceCERT® product range consist of an increasing number of CRMs for pesticides, certified according to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034 and traceable to NIST SRMs. They can be utilized as calibration standards, internal or surrogate standards, spiking solutions, or laboratory control samples. The pesticides are accessible as neat material, single- or multi-component mixtures.

Pesticide metabolites

Modern pesticides once applied, tend to degrade rapidly due to both physicochemical and biotransformation. As a result, pesticide residues in samples might go undetected or get detected at very low concentrations. It is substantial to monitor pesticide metabolites in order to document their previous use. Our continuously expanding pesticide metabolite portfolio includes various quality grades (analytical standard, reference material, certified reference material), available in different formats (neat, solutions).

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