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Pharmacology & Drug Discovery Research

The image depicts a scientist closely examining a pharmacology drug while wearing blue gloves. Their focused attention suggests a laboratory setting, where precision and care are essential.

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  • Properties of lipid formulations can vary depending on the composition (cationic, anionic, neutral lipid species), however, the same preparation method can be used for all lipid vesicles regardless of composition. The general elements of the procedure involve preparation of the lipid for hydration, hydration with agitation, and sizing to a homogeneous distribution of vesicles.
  • General Lipid/BSA solubility protocol for cell delivery. Organic solvent suspended method for the preparation of lipid stock solutions.
  • Assays that predict passive absorption of orally administered drugs have become increasingly important in the drug discovery process. As previously described by Faller and Kansy such assays provide rapid, low cost and automation friendly methods to measure a compound’s passive permeability.
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