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Customer Support – Quality Services

Every manufacturer must ensure their suppliers provide products that are fit for purpose throughout the product lifecycle, from design and development through to supply to the end-user.

Our Quality Services team is responsible for quality-related elements of Customer Inquiries and Customer Communication. We partner with our Technical and Customer Services teams to ensure a seamless support network. In addition, we push industry standards forward and add value to our customers by providing superior quality and regulatory services.

Our Customer support is based on our M-Clarity™ program which defines product quality segments and on a best-in-class Change Notification program.

Our customers have different regulatory environments, applications, and documentation requirements. To meet these needs for our products, we provide:

Quality Declarations are issued upon customer, business or authority request and are primarily used for our customers’ product-specific risk assessment. The customer is responsible for ensuring the products are suitable for their intended use.

We offer Quality Declarations for our products falling into M-Clarity segments MQ400-600 as well as depending on the portfolio, the application and intended use of the product. For example, a wide range of Quality Declarations are offered as standard documentation for EMPROVE™ products.


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