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Enrichment Sample Homogenizer (ESH)

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sample homogenizer


food and beverages
pathogen testing

sample preparation

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General description

Homogenize food samples with confidence prior to microbiological and molecular analysis with the easy-to-use Enrichment Sample Homogenizer (ESH). The ESH instrument is used for the preparation of solid samples before analysis. The ESH instrument does not damage potential pathogenic bacteria contained in the sample and does not require sterilization. This reliable and powerful Homogenizer enables rapid and efficient sample homogenization with quiet operation. The Multi-function digital display/control panel, Adjustable blending speed (4, 6, 8, and 10 strokes) and Variable time (1 second to 1 hour or open running/countdown) allow users to adapt to any sample type. This instrument weighs approximately 16 kilograms.


The Enrichment Sample Homogenizer is used for automatic homogenization of food enrichment samples with massaging paddles.

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Salmonella Contamination and Testing

Salmonella pass through the entire food chain from animal feed, primary production, and into households or food-service establishments.

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