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Concanavalin A from Canavalia ensiformis (Jack bean)

ferritin conjugate, Type IV, buffered aqueous glycerol solution



Type IV


buffered aqueous glycerol solution


5-10 mg/mL protein (Biuret)

extent of labeling

~1 mol ferritin per mol lectin


carbohydrate, essentially free


ferritin conjugate

storage temp.


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Biochem/physiol Actions

Con A is not blood group specific but has an affinity for terminal α-D-mannosyl and α-D-glucosyl residues. Ca2+ and Mn2+ ions are required for activity. Con A dissociates into dimers at pH 5.6 or below. Between pH 5.8 and pH 7.0, Con A exists as a tetramer; above pH 7.0 higher aggregates are formed. Con A exhibits mitogenic activity which is dependent on its degree of aggregation. Succinylation results in an active dimeric form which remains a dimer above pH 5.6.


Package size based on protein content

Physical form

Solution in 50% glycerol containing 0.3 M NaCl, 0.01 M sodium phosphate, 0.06 M CaCl2, 0.06 mM MnCl2 and 0.02% sodium azide as preservative

Analysis Note

Where reported, agglutination activity is expressed in μg/ml and is determined from serial dilutions in phosphate buffered saline, pH 6.8, containing Ca2+ and Mn2+ of a 1 mg per mL solution. This activity is the lowest concentration to agglutinate a 2% suspension of human erythrocytes after 1 hr incubation at 25 °C.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Rohan Chippalkatti et al.
PLoS genetics, 16(11), e1008913-e1008913 (2020-11-20)
Mitotic divisions depend on the timely assembly and proper orientation of the mitotic spindle. Malfunctioning of these processes can considerably delay mitosis, thereby compromising tissue growth and homeostasis, and leading to chromosomal instability. Loss of functional Mms19 drastically affects the...

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