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L-Glutamine solution

200 mM, Hybri-Max, sterile-filtered, suitable for hybridoma

L-Glutamine for cell culture
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≥99% (TLC)




cell culture | hybridoma: suitable


endotoxin, tested


clear colorless

shipped in

dry ice

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General description

L-glutamine is an essential amino acid that is a crucial component of culture media that serves as a major energy source for cells in culture. L-glutamine is very stable as a dry powder and as a frozen solution. In liquid media or stock solutions, however, L-glutamine degrades relatively rapidly. Optimal cell performance usually requires supplementation of the media with L-glutamine prior to use.

Preparation Note

Prepared in cell culture grade water.

Legal Information

Hybri-Max is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Storage Class Code

12 - Non Combustible Liquids



Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

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  1. Which document(s) contains shelf-life or expiration date information for a given product?

    If available for a given product, the recommended re-test date or the expiration date can be found on the Certificate of Analysis.

  2. How do I get lot-specific information or a Certificate of Analysis?

    The lot specific COA document can be found by entering the lot number above under the "Documents" section.

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    There are several ways to find pricing and availability for our products. Once you log onto our website, you will find the price and availability displayed on the product detail page. You can contact any of our Customer Sales and Service offices to receive a quote.  USA customers:  1-800-325-3010 or view local office numbers.

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    Transportation information can be found in Section 14 of the product's (M)SDS.To access the shipping information for this material, use the link on the product detail page for the product. 

  5. Is the molecular weight of L-Glutamine 146.14 or 146.15? The label information changed.

    Based on a molecular formula of C5H10N2O3, the molecular weight to seven significant figures is 146.1456. Over the years, this value may have been reported in Sigma-Aldrich documentation or on labels as either 146.15 (by rounding up) or 146.14 (by truncation). The material itself has not changed.

  6. Why is there a precipitate in the 200 mM L-glutamine solution, products G7513 and G2150, after thawing at room temperature?

    L-Glutamine, 200 mM solution, tends to precipitate in solution when chilled.  After thawing, it will be an opalescent solution.  If allowed to settle, there can be some crystalline insolubles at the bottom of the bottle.The product should be warmed to 37°C for complete solubilization.  To limit the number of times the product needs to be warmed to 37°C, the product can be divided into working aliquots which are stored at -20°C and used as needed.  This will expose the product to the minimal amount of warming cycles.  

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