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MEM Amino Acids (50x) solution

Without L-glutamine, liquid, sterile-filtered, BioReagent, suitable for cell culture

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cell culture | mammalian: suitable


endotoxin, tested

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Adding supplements of amino acids to media stimulates growth and prolongs the viability of cells in culture. MEM Amino Acids (50x) solution concentrated supplement adds nutrients and reduces the biosynthetic burden on cell in vitro. It has been used in in vitro cultures, co-cultures and incubation media.

Storage and Stability

This product may contain a yellow hue if exposed to light. This is due to the presence of the amino acids tryosine and tryptophan in the solution. The change in color to the liquid solution has no affect to the quality or integrity of the product. For a complete list of components, please see the formulation sheet listed in the "Documents" section of the product page.

Storage Class Code

12 - Non Combustible Liquids



Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

  1. Which document(s) contains shelf-life or expiration date information for a given product?

    If available for a given product, the recommended re-test date or the expiration date can be found on the Certificate of Analysis.

  2. How do I get lot-specific information or a Certificate of Analysis?

    The lot specific COA document can be found by entering the lot number above under the "Documents" section.

  3. How do I find price and availability?

    There are several ways to find pricing and availability for our products. Once you log onto our website, you will find the price and availability displayed on the product detail page. You can contact any of our Customer Sales and Service offices to receive a quote.  USA customers:  1-800-325-3010 or view local office numbers.

  4. What is the Department of Transportation shipping information for this product?

    Transportation information can be found in Section 14 of the product's (M)SDS.To access the shipping information for this material, use the link on the product detail page for the product. 

  5. Can Product M5550, MEM Amino Acids (50X) solution contain precipitates?

    Product M5550, MEM Amino Acids (50X) has a specification as a clear solution.  This product can have a slight precipitate that forms at 2-8°C.  This precipitate will disappear when warmed to room temperature or when diluted to 1X.  There is no affect on the product quality. 

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