Microbiology Standards

Quality  control is an essential element of a laboratory’s quality assurance system and certified reference materials (CRMs) are necessary for effective quality control. The Vitroids™ and LENTICULE® discs from Millipore are specially developed to provide laboratories with the ability to use suitable, ready-to-use microbiological controls for every media quality control test. The Colony forming unit (cfu)-concentrations are designed ensuring that no or only minimal dilution steps are required and are provided under license by National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC®)/ National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi (NCPF®) and Spanish Type Culture Collection (Colección Española de Cultivos Tipo, CECT®), respectively.  

The LENTICULE® and Vitroids™ discs are manufactured under conditions compliant with ISO 17034 and ISO/IEC 17025. These discs contain defined certified cfu’s with a standard deviation and expanded uncertainty. The discs contain pure cultures of bacteria, yeasts or molds in a solid water-soluble matrix. The certified reference material for microorganisms finds its application in routine quality control for food, beverage, water and environmental testing, for method development and validations and as cultures used in research studies.

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How we ensure reliable and accurate results with Vitroids™ and LENTICULE® discs

  • Key features: Certified CFU, reliable defined inoculum ranges from 15-150000 per discs.
  • Stability: Stable for nearly 16 months, can be stored at -20 °C. The numbers of CFUs do not change, the organisms need no recovery time and have no lag phase.
  • Time saving: Saves 1 hour per test strain. discs are time saving because it removes the need for preparing stock cultures. The organisms do not require recovery time or pre-enrichment step.
  • Accuracy: Standard deviation and concentration range on Certificate of Quality (CoQ).
  • Traceability: The discs are prepared from a traceable culture obtained freeze-dried from CECT®, NCTC® and NCPF® collection. Discs are traceable compared to a CRM for characterization. Each plate is stored as image and all the documents and data are saved as well.

 Bacteria standards

We provide an extensive range of pure cultures of bacteria CRMs LENTICULE® and Vitroids™ discs that are stable for at least one year. The discs are supplied with bacteria in a viable stage (no lag phase or recovery time) and a comprehensive certificate of analysis that specifies the mean number of cfu’s, and an expanded uncertainty about the mean value.

Yeast standards

We supply yeast CRMs in Vitroids™ discs with cfu values ranging from 15–80, 80-130 and 1,000-10,000 for your laboratory needs.

Mold standards

We offer mold CRMs in the form of Vitroids™ discs to ensure the safety and efficacy of your products, that are routinely exposed to molds and fungi.

Negative controls standards

We have negative control CRMs in the form of LENTICULE® discs that ensures the effectiveness of your microbiological experiments.

Food & Beverage Services and Regulatory

Our team of experienced professionals can provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, and help you optimize your microbial QC testing practices for enhanced safety and quality control.

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