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In Vitro Differentiation of Human PBMC and CD34+ Derived Monocytes into Mature CD83+/CD14- Dendritic Cells
Generate mature human dendritic immune cells from PBMCs or CD34+ stem cell derived monocytes in 7 days in defined and serum-free dendritic cell culture media. Explore over 350 PromoCell products.
Separation of Steviol Glycosides by HPTLC: Introducing a New Stevia Extract Reference Material
HPTLC is an efficient method to determine Steviol Glycosides content in Stevia using our HPTLC plates and reference materials, including a new introduced Stevia extract reference material.
RESOMER® Biodegradable Polymers for Medical Device Applications Research
Find use of RESOMER® biodegradable polymers in medical device applications research.
Calcium Channels
We offers many products related to calcium channels for your research needs.
Trypsin Inhibitors
Natural trypsin Inhibitors also known as serine protease inhibitors (serpins) are the largest and most diverse family of protease inhibitors. Serpins control the activation and catabolism of proteins by the inhibition of serine proteases in vivo.
Immunohistochemistry: Current Applications in Skin Cancer
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) techniques and applications have greatly improved, dermatopathology is still largely based on H&E stained slides.This paper outlines ways in which IHC antibodies can be utilized for dermatopathology.