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Zhang Shu-Ling et al.
Indian journal of biochemistry & biophysics, 49(6), 405-413 (2013-01-29)
WRKY transcription factor proteins play important roles in diverse stress responses. In this study, we first cloned a novel WRKY from our constructed bacteriophage full-length cDNA library for cotton (Gossypium barbadense). The plants were stressed by exposure to a defoliating
Julia Martín et al.
The Science of the total environment, 503-504, 97-104 (2014-06-10)
Sewage sludge disposal onto lands has been stabilized previously but still many pollutants are not efficiently removed. Special interest has been focused on pharmaceutical compounds due to their potential ecotoxicological effects. Nowadays, there is scarce information about their occurrence in
Denis Fourches et al.
Chemical research in toxicology, 23(1), 171-183 (2009-12-18)
Drug-induced liver injury is one of the main causes of drug attrition. The ability to predict the liver effects of drug candidates from their chemical structures is critical to help guide experimental drug discovery projects toward safer medicines. In this
Sevim Beyza Oztürk Sarikaya et al.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 21(14), 4259-4262 (2011-06-15)
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (CAIs) are a class of pharmaceuticals used as antiglaucoma agents, diuretics, antiepileptics, in the management of mountain sickness, gastric and duodenal ulcers, neurological disorders or osteoporosis. We report here the inhibitory capacities of some phenolic compounds against
Ganesan Karthikeyan et al.
British journal of haematology, 146(2), 142-149 (2009-05-15)
Guidelines differ on whether acetyl salicylic acid (ASA, aspirin) should be used for prophylaxis in patients at high-risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE), principally because of differences in perceptions of its efficacy. ASA is an attractive therapeutic option because it is
N H Yoshida et al.
The Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology, 47(11), 883-890 (1995-11-01)
Solute concentration, buffer concentration, applied pH and buffer constituents affect the cathodal iontophoresis of salicylate, benzoate and butyrate across excised skin. Experiments were conducted in which the iontophoretic flux of salicylate was measured across excised human skin with variations in
[Salicylic acid, aspirin].
Tsuneko Onouchi et al.
Nihon rinsho. Japanese journal of clinical medicine, 62 Suppl 12, 392-394 (2005-01-22)
J E Baggott et al.
The Biochemical journal, 282 ( Pt 1), 197-202 (1992-02-15)
Many non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) (including sulphasalazine, sulindac, indomethacin, naproxen, salicylic acid, ibuprofen, piroxicam and mefenamic acid) were found to be competitive inhibitors (with respect to folate) of avian liver phosphoribosylaminoimidazolecarboxamide formyltransferase (AICAR transformylase, EC and bovine liver dihydrofolate
Ashish Ranjan et al.
Functional & integrative genomics, 15(3), 363-373 (2014-12-17)
Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae, the causal agent of bacterial blight of rice, secretes several cell wall degrading enzymes including cellulase (ClsA) and lipase/esterase (LipA). Prior treatment of rice leaves with purified cell wall degrading enzymes such as LipA can confer
A Kunkel et al.
Archiv der Pharmazie, 332(5), 175-178 (1999-06-15)
Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is often regarded as a separation technique of choice because of its high selectivity and its cost advantages compared to LC.RSD% of 0.5% have become standard for quality control assays. Using CE, sample pretreatment can often be
Magda Caban et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1346, 107-116 (2014-05-13)
This paper discusses a new silylating reagent - dimethyl(3,3,3-trifluoropropyl)silyldiethylamine (DIMETRIS) - for the derivatisation of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) prior to GC-MS analysis. DIMETRIS reacts with seven target compounds (diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, naproxen, flurbiprofen and paracetamol, as well as salicylic
O S Goussis et al.
Hormone and metabolic research = Hormon- und Stoffwechselforschung = Hormones et metabolisme, 22(6), 342-344 (1990-06-01)
Earlier studies have shown that drugs such as dilantin inhibit T4 binding by thyroid hormone binding globulin (TBG) and cause a displacement of T4 from TBG to prealbumin with no change in the albumin-bound T4 fraction. Since recent studies have
Michelle A Ouimet et al.
Macromolecular bioscience, 15(3), 342-350 (2014-10-22)
Polymers such as poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) (PVP) have been used to prepare hydrogels for wound dressing applications but are not inherently bioactive. For enhanced healing, PVP was blended with salicylic acid-based poly(anhydride-esters) (SAPAE) and shown to exhibit hydrogel properties upon swelling. In
Rapid colorimetric determination of nitrate in plant tissue by nitration of salicylic acid1.
Cataldo DA, et al.
Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 6(1), 71-80 (1975)
Pankaj Aggarwal et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1364, 96-106 (2014-09-07)
Highly cross-linked monolithic networks (i.e., polyethylene glycol diacrylate, PEGDA) synthesized from monomers containing varying ethylene oxide chain lengths were fabricated inside fused silica capillary columns for use in liquid chromatography (LC) of small molecules. Tergitol was used as a surfactant
Sylwia Magiera et al.
Journal of AOAC International, 97(6), 1526-1537 (2015-01-30)
A rapid and sensitive ultra-HPLC/MSIMS (UHPLC/MSIMS) assay method for the simultaneous determination in human urine of 22 drugs belonging to different pharmaceutical groups was developed. The drugs were extracted from urine samples and then separated on a Zorbax Rapid Resolution
Michael Groszmann et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112(46), E6397-E6406 (2015-11-04)
Plant hybrids are extensively used in agriculture to deliver increases in yields, yet the molecular basis of their superior performance (heterosis) is not well understood. Our transcriptome analysis of a number of Arabidopsis F1 hybrids identified changes to defense and
Carola M Wassvik et al.
Journal of medicinal chemistry, 51(10), 3035-3039 (2008-04-10)
Solubility and solid-state characteristics were determined and multivariate data analysis was used to deduce structural features important for solid-state limited solubility of marketed drugs. Molecules with extended ring structures and large conjugated systems were less soluble, indicating that structural features
Salicylic acid activates nitric oxide synthesis in Arabidopsis.
Zottini M, et al.
Journal of Experimental Botany, 58(6), 1397-1405 (2007)
Rajeev Kumar Kapoor et al.
Bioresource technology, 189, 99-106 (2015-04-16)
Laccases have wide range of substrate specificity and find applications from pulp industry to waste water remediation. Laccases have also been used in combined pretreatment of biomass hydrolyzates to remove enzymatic and fermentation inhibitors. In this study, laccase production by
Vipul Gupta et al.
Molecular pharmacology, 84(6), 824-833 (2013-09-18)
Salicylic acid is a classic nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Although salicylic acid also induces mitochondrial injury, the mechanism of its antimitochondrial activity is not well understood. In this study, by using a one-step affinity purification scheme with salicylic acid-immobilized beads, ferrochelatase
Mina Heidarian Höckerfelt et al.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 477(1-2), 326-333 (2014-12-03)
The purpose of the research was to investigate the effect of moisture content of cellulose on the degradation of a drug in binary mixtures with cellulose. Physical mixtures of acetylsalicylic acid and two forms of cellulose, either microcrystalline cellulose or
Magdalena Kotzé et al.
AAPS PharmSciTech, 16(4), 835-845 (2015-01-13)
Oil-in-water (o/w) emulsions are commonly converted into solid-like powders in order to improve their physical and chemical stabilities. The aim of this study was to investigate whether whey protein/polysaccharide-stabilized o/w emulsions could be converted into stable oil powders by means
Lawrence Green et al.
Journal of drugs in dermatology : JDD, 12(2), 180-185 (2013-02-05)
Acne vulgaris is a common dermatologic disease that most frequently affects adolescents and young adults. Over-the-counter (OTC) acne treatment regimens are increasingly being used by individuals with acne. To compare the efficacy, user satisfaction, and tolerability of the OTC regimens
Mathias Herrmann
The Journal of clinical investigation, 112(2), 149-151 (2003-07-17)
Aspirin has been shown to cause a reduction in the virulence of Staphylococcus aureus-associated endocarditis. A new study reveals that salicylic acid, the major metabolite of aspirin, acts at the level of transcription to downregulate the production of fibrinogen, fibronectin
Cristina Avonto et al.
Toxicology and applied pharmacology, 289(2), 177-184 (2015-10-13)
Skin sensitization is an important toxicological end-point in the risk assessment of chemical allergens. Because of the complexity of the biological mechanisms associated with skin sensitization, integrated approaches combining different chemical, biological and in silico methods are recommended to replace
Miles Trupp et al.
Journal of Parkinson's disease, 4(3), 549-560 (2014-06-15)
Parkinson's disease (PD) is a progressive, multi-focal neurodegenerative disease for which there is no effective disease modifying treatment. A critical requirement for designing successful clinical trials is the development of robust and reproducible biomarkers identifying PD in preclinical stages. To
Katrin Scheit et al.
Anticancer research, 34(10), 5337-5350 (2014-10-03)
Inhibitors of catalase (such as ascorbate, methyldopa, salicylic acid and neutralizing antibodies) synergize with modulators of nitric oxide (NO) metabolism (such as arginine, arginase inhibitor, NO synthase-inducing interferons and NO dioxygenase inhibitors) in the singlet oxygen-mediated inactivation of tumor cell
Masanori Matsuoka et al.
Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, 31(7), 629-634 (2015-07-15)
This paper for the first time reports on novel and non-enzymatic method for studying the free radical-scavenging properties of phenolic compounds against superoxide anion radicals (O2·(-)) by using the cathodic electrochemiluminescence (ECL) of lucigenin (Luc(2+)). The ECL of Luc(2+) at
Bo Liu et al.
PloS one, 9(7), e102067-e102067 (2014-07-11)
Biotic and abiotic stresses are major unfavorable factors that affect crop productivity worldwide. NAC proteins comprise a large family of transcription factors that play important roles in plant growth and development as well as in responses to biotic and abiotic
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