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M Wilming et al.
FEBS letters, 509(2), 272-276 (2001-12-14)
The inter- and intramolecular interactions between the different domains of the catalase-peroxidase KatG from Mycobacterium tuberculosis were analyzed using the two-hybrid assay. It was shown that the dimerization of the enzyme is due to a strong interaction of the first
Tao Chen et al.
PLoS genetics, 15(10), e1008460-e1008460 (2019-11-02)
Malfunction of pre-mRNA processing factors are linked to several human diseases including cancer and neurodegeneration. Here we report the identification of a de novo heterozygous missense mutation in the SNRPE gene (c.65T>C (p.Phe22Ser)) in a patient with non-syndromal primary (congenital)
Zoltán Szeltner et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1804(12), 2162-2176 (2010-09-28)
It has recently been proposed that prolyl oligopeptidase (POP), the cytosolic serine peptidase with neurological implications, binds GAP43 (Growth-Associated Protein 43) and is implicated in neuronal growth cone formation, axon guidance and synaptic plasticity. We investigated the interaction between GAP43
R U Rasool et al.
Oncogenesis, 6(5), e341-e341 (2017-05-23)
The double-edged role of p21 to command survival and apoptosis is emerging. The current investigation highlights ER stress-mediated JNK activation that plausibly triggers cell death by attenuating endogenous p21 level. Here, we demonstrated that ER stress activator 3-AWA diminishes the
Gloria Faerber et al.
The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, 141(2), 492-500 (2010-05-08)
Mitochondrial dysfunction has been suggested as a potential cause for heart failure. Pressure overload is a common cause for heart failure. However, implementing pressure overload in mice is considered a model for compensated hypertrophy but not for heart failure. We
Wanyun Li et al.
Journal of cell science, 134(8) (2021-03-25)
Autophagy is considered to be an important switch for facilitating normal to malignant cell transformation during colorectal cancer development. Consistent with other reports, we found that the membrane receptor Neuropilin1 (NRP1) is greatly upregulated in colon cancer cells that underwent
Paloma K Maza et al.
Frontiers in microbiology, 8, 1235-1235 (2017-08-05)
In its hyphal form
Mengqian Luo et al.
Bio-protocol, 8(12), e2880-e2880 (2018-06-20)
As a fundamental metabolic pathway to degrade and recycle cellular cargos, autophagy is highly induced upon stress, starvation and senescence conditions in plants. A double-membrane structure named autophagosome will form during this process for cargo sequestration and delivery into the
Damian M Janecki et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 21(8) (2020-04-30)
While two mouse NANOS paralogues, NANOS2 and NANOS3, are crucial for maintenance of germ cells by suppression of apoptosis, the mouse NANOS1 paralogue does not seem to regulate these processes. Previously, we described a human NANOS1 p.[(Pro34Thr);(Ser83del)] mutation associated with
F Duclot et al.
Neuroscience, 167(3), 850-863 (2010-03-12)
p300/CREB binding protein-associated factor (PCAF) regulates gene expression by acting through histone acetylation and as a transcription coactivator. Although histone acetyltransferases were involved in the toxicity induced by amyloid-beta (Abeta) peptides, nothing is known about PCAF. We here analyzed the
Melissa D Stuchell-Brereton et al.
Molecular biology of the cell, 22(15), 2690-2701 (2011-06-03)
Cytoplasmic dynein is a large multisubunit complex involved in retrograde transport and the positioning of various organelles. Dynein light chain (LC) subunits are conserved across species; however, the molecular contribution of LCs to dynein function remains controversial. One model suggests
Balazs Veres et al.
FEBS open bio, 11(3), 684-704 (2021-01-21)
Microorganisms or LPS (lipopolysaccharide), an outer membrane component of Gram-negative bacteria, can induce a systemic inflammatory response that leads to sepsis, multiple organ dysfunction, and mortality. Here, we investigated the role of cyclophilin D (CypD)-dependent mitochondrial permeability transition (mPT) in
Lyubomyr Lytvynchuk et al.
Journal of ophthalmology, 2015, 934963-934963 (2015-10-23)
Purpose. Choroidal neovascularization (CNV) is one of the most common complications of retinal diseases accompanied by elevated secretion of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). Intravitreal anti-VEGFs (ranibizumab, bevacizumab, pegaptanib, and aflibercept) can suppress neovascularization, decrease vascular permeability and CNV size
Kirsten Lindner et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 19(2) (2018-02-08)
Resistance towards chemotherapy is a major obstacle in the treatment of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). We investigated the role of specific microRNAs in chemotherapy resistance and tumor biology. We selected three microRNAs from characteristic microRNA signatures of resistant ESCC
D J Schendel et al.
Gene therapy, 7(11), 950-959 (2000-06-13)
Even though renal cell carcinomas (RCC) are thought to be immunogenic, many tumors express variations in surface molecules and intracellular proteins that hinder induction of optimal antitumor responses. Interferon gamma (IFNgamma) stimulation can correct some of these deficiencies. Therefore, we
Carolina Gillio-Meina et al.
Reproduction (Cambridge, England), 137(3), 537-552 (2008-12-09)
To determine if changes in endometrial expression of the enzymes and receptors involved in prostaglandin (PG) synthesis and action might provide insights into the PGs involved in the initiation of decidualization, ovariectomized steroid-treated rats at the equivalent of day 5
Yuh-Hwa Liu et al.
Botanical studies, 60(1), 9-9 (2019-06-30)
There were few report concerning anti-glycation and antioxidant activities of the minor amounts of components in curcuminoids, demethylcurcumin and tetrahydroxycurcumin, in vitro and in vivo. The bovine serum albumin/galactose of non-enzymatic glycation models, radical-induced hemolysis, and oxygen radical absorbance capacity
S V Demyanenko et al.
Molecular neurobiology, 57(1), 226-238 (2019-09-08)
In ischemic stroke, vascular occlusion rapidly induces tissue infarct. Over the ensuing hours, damage spreads to adjacent tissue and forms transition zone (penumbra), which is potentially salvageable. Epigenetic regulation of chromatin structure controls gene expression and protein synthesis. We studied
Yunhan Yang et al.
Experimental and therapeutic medicine, 15(6), 5189-5198 (2018-05-29)
The nasal mucosa is the body's first barrier against pathogens entering through the respiratory tract. The respiratory immune system of pigs has more similarities with humans than the mouse respiratory system does, and so was selected as the animal model
Tobias D J Corne et al.
Cell adhesion & migration, 11(5-6), 447-463 (2016-10-30)
The nuclear lamina mechanically integrates the nucleus with the cytoskeleton and extracellular environment and regulates gene expression. These functions are exerted through direct and indirect interactions with the lamina's major constituent proteins, the A-type lamins, which are encoded by the
Rui Costa et al.
Journal of hepatology, 70(4), 603-614 (2018-11-26)
The lipid-binding protein, SEC14L2, is crucial for the efficient viral replication of clinical hepatitis C virus (HCV) isolates in cell culture. Given the role of SEC14L2 in HCV replication, we aimed to study a large number of HCV positive sera
Cellular Consequences of Diminished Protein O-Mannosyltransferase Activity in Baker's Yeast.
Ewa Zatorska et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 18(6) (2017-06-10)
Sarah Donald et al.
Pharmacology research & perspectives, 6(6), e00446-e00446 (2018-12-07)
Botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) is a major therapeutic agent. Of seven native BoNT serotypes (A to G), only A and B are currently used in the clinic. Here we compared the potency of commercially available purified native serotypes A1 to F1
Yun Wang et al.
Experimental eye research, 125, 128-134 (2014-06-15)
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the neuroprotective effects of C3 exoenzyme (C3) on N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA)-induced retinopathy in rats. C3 was expressed in Escherichia. coli and purified by affinity chromatography. Immunofluorescence was performed in NIH 3T3 cells treated
Puey-Ling Chia et al.
Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland), 13(10) (2020-10-08)
Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) is highly overexpressed in malignant mesothelioma (MM). MAb806 is a novel anti-EGFR antibody that selectively targets a tumor-selective epitope. MAb806-derived antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), ABT-414, ABBV-221 and ABBV-322, may represent a novel therapeutic strategy in
Ratnasekhar Ch et al.
Nature communications, 12(1), 377-377 (2021-01-17)
Circadian clocks coordinate mammalian behavior and physiology enabling organisms to anticipate 24-hour cycles. Transcription-translation feedback loops are thought to drive these clocks in most of mammalian cells. However, red blood cells (RBCs), which do not contain a nucleus, and cannot
Irene Galiana et al.
Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 323, 624-634 (2020-05-08)
The induction of senescence produces a stable cell cycle arrest in cancer cells, thereby inhibiting tumor growth; however, the incomplete immune cell-mediated clearance of senescent cells may favor tumor relapse, limiting the long-term anti-tumorigenic effect of such drugs. A combination
Deepshikha Kumar et al.
PloS one, 11(10), e0164146-e0164146 (2016-10-07)
Influenza A virus nucleoprotein, is a multifunctional RNA-binding protein, encoded by segment-5 of the negative sense RNA genome. It serves as a key connector between the virus and the host during virus replication. It continuously shuttles between the cytoplasm and
Luisa F Bustamante-Jaramillo et al.
PLoS genetics, 15(1), e1007876-e1007876 (2019-01-15)
CDKs (cyclin-dependent kinases) associate with different cyclins to form different CDK-complexes that are fundamental for an ordered cell cycle progression, and the coordination of this progression with different aspects of the cellular physiology. During meiosis programmed DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs)
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