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Harita Rao et al.
Nature protocols, 7(6), 1097-1112 (2012-05-12)
This protocol describes the detailed experimental procedure for the synthesis of an azide-modified uridine triphosphate analog and its effective incorporation into an oligoribonucleotide by in vitro transcription reactions. Furthermore, procedures for labeling azide-modified oligoribonucleotides post-transcriptionally with biophysical probes by copper(I)-catalyzed
Effect of corticotherapy on proteomics of endometrial fluid from mares susceptible to persistent postbreeding endometritis.
Wolf CA, et al.
Theriogenology, 77, 1351-1359 (2012)
Detection of erythrocyte membrane proteins, sialoglycoproteins, and lipids in the same polyacrylamide gel using a double-staining technique.
Dzandu JK, et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 81, 1733-1737 (1984)
Synthesis of oligo-RNAs with photocaged adenosine 2'-hydroxyls.
Chaulk SG and MacMillan AM
Nature Protocols, 2, 1052-1058 (2007)
The expression of ERa, OTR, cPLA(2), COX-2, and PPAR? in the cervix of the ewe during the estrous cycle.
Falchi L and Scaramuzzi RJ
Theriogenology, 79, 40-47 (2013)
A dielectrophoretic continuous flow sorter using integrated microelectrodes coupled to a channel constriction
Salomon S, et al.
Electrophoresis, 32(12), 1508-1514 (2011)
Jessica Perrin et al.
Nature biotechnology, 38(3), 303-308 (2020-01-22)
Monitoring drug-target interactions with methods such as the cellular thermal-shift assay (CETSA) is well established for simple cell systems but remains challenging in vivo. Here we introduce tissue thermal proteome profiling (tissue-TPP), which measures binding of small-molecule drugs to proteins
Loss of osmoregulation of OmpC porin occurs if Escherichia coli are deficient in cAMP receptor protein
Joo SH, et al.
Journal of Experimental Microbiology and Immunology, 17, 78-82 (2013)
Valeria Merico et al.
Reproduction (Cambridge, England) (2018-11-06)
In Nature, mammalian seasonal breeders undergo spermatogenetic arrest during the non-breeding season. In the large hairy armadillo Chaetophractus villosus, testis regression initiates with immature post-meiotic germ cells sloughing into the tubule lumen and continues with the death of the remaining
Rapid transfer of DNA from agarose gels to nylon membranes.
Reed KC and Mann DA
Nucleic Acids Research, 13.20, 7207-7221 (1985)
The use of vital dyes during vitreoretinal surgery-chromovitrectomy
Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.), 55, 365-375 (2016)
Purification of human plasma fibronectin using immobilized gelatin and Arg affinity chromatography
Speziale P, et al.
Nature Protocols, 3(3), 525-525 (2008)
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