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We answer your frequently asked questions about siRNA including experimental design and analysis, advanced applications, custom options and much more.
Genome-wide Collection of Lenti 3’UTR Reporters for Functional Validation of microRNA Targets
Sigma-Aldrich presents an article about microRNAs (miRNAs), which are a class of naturally occurring small non-coding RNA molecules that regulate a variety of developmental and physiological processes.
Discovery at Single-Cell Resolution
CRISPR lentiviral screening libraries are powerful research tools. Continuing a decade long commitment to library screening manufacturing, we have partnered with 10x Genomics to bring 10x Feature Barcode-compatible pooled screening products to you.
Predesigned siRNA
We offer advanced design and quality synthesis for predesigned siRNA and siRNA libraries using the Rosetta siRNA Design Algorithm to reduce off-target effects and increase RNAi performance. The algorithm utilizes Position-Specific Scoring Matrices (PSSM) and knowledge of the siRNA seed...
esiRNA FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Custom & Predesigned esiRNA FAQ
siRNA Delivery in Mammalian Cell Lines
siRNAs are effectively delivered into mammalian cell lines that have been difficult or even impossible to transfect with siRNA when using other commercially available lipofection reagents.