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Applications with REDTaq™
Reviews the applications and benefits for RedTaq, including standard RedTaq, Hot Start RedTaq and RedTaq for genomic DNA PCR.
FFPE Tissue
Archived Formalin-fixed, Paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples are invaluable resources for profiling gene expression and studying a variety of diseases.
Expand™ Long Template PCR System Protocol Troubleshooting
This polymerase mixture produces a high yield of PCR product from genomic DNA.
Annealing Oligonucleotides Protocol
Annealing is the process of heating and cooling two single-stranded oligonucleotides with complementary sequences. Heat breaks all hydrogen bonds, and cooling allows new bonds to form between the sequences.
Saliva DNA Extraction & WGA Amplification Protocol
Whole Genome Amplification can be performed on DNA extracted in many ways. We offer many products for DNA extraction, including the GenElute™ Blood Genomic DNA Kit, GenElute Mammalian Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit and the GenElute Plant Genomic DNA M iniprep.
Antibody-Enzyme Mediated Hot Start PCR Protocol
JumpStart™ Taq DNA Polymerase is an antibody-inactivated, hot start enzyme.
SEQR - SeqPlex RNA Amplification Kit Protocol
The SeqPlex RNA Amplification kit provides a method for amplification of total RNA or isolated mRNA prior to entry into the workflows of the commonly used deep sequencing platforms.
Protocol for DNA extraction & WGA Amplification from Soil Samples
Genomic DNA from soil samples can be easily damaged by nucleases and contaminating debris resulting in low DNA yields. As a result, the researcher’s ability to perform downstream analysis may be compromised. After isolating DNA from the soil sample, the...
Long and Accurate PCR Amplification of DNA with RedAccuTaq® (D4812)
Protocol for high fidelity amplification of long PCR fragments up to 22kb from complex DNA mixtures and up to 40kb from simple DNA mixtures. Red dye allows direct loading of reaction on a gel. REDAccuTaq LA
Rapid Genotyping of Mouse Tissue Using Extract-N-Amp Tissue PCR Kit
Genomic detection of DNA via PCR amplification and detection on an electrophoretic gel is a standard way that the genotype of a tissue sample is determined. Conventional preparation of tissues for PCR-ready DNA often take several hours to days, depending...
Reverse Transcription Protocol
Method for reverse transcription of RNA into DNA. Uses a premixed reagent that contains reverse transcriptase, dNTPs, primers, RNase inhibitor and buffer. Fast generation of cDNA.
Successful Amplification of Thermally Degraded DNA Using PCRboost™
DNA samples are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including heat, humidity, UV or chemicals. Some procedures, such as the extraction of samples from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue samples, subject DNA to multiple extreme conditions.
Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) Using GenomiPhi™
The GenomiPhi™ method of WGA from Cytiva uses Phi29 DNA polymerase, a highly processive enzyme with excellent strand-displacement activity, in combination with random-sequence hexamer primers (random hexamers) to amplify DNA in an isothermal process—a thermal cycler is not required.
Circular DNA Amplification using TempliPhi™
This page shows circular DNA amplification using TempliPhi™ from Cytiva.
Selecting Correctly Expressing Recombinants
Blue White Screening; DNA Minipreps; Screening by Restriction Digestion; Screening by PCR; Confirm cut plasmid sizes by agarose gel electrophoresis; DNA Maxipreps; DNA Precipitation; RNase Treatment; Clean-up of DNA
Complete Whole Transcriptome Amplification Kit Protocol (WTA2)
WTA2, a Whole Transcriptome Amplification (WTA) method, allows for representative amplification of nanogram quantities of total RNA in less than 4 hours without 3-bias
Extract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit Protocol
The Extract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit contains all the reagents needed to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA from mouse tails and other animal tissues, buccal swabs, hair shafts, and saliva.
Extract-N-Amp™ FFPE Tissue PCR Protocol
Protocol for PCR amplification of formalin-fixed paraffin embedded animal tissues using the Extract-N-Amp Tissue PCR kit.
Amplification of Damaged DNA with Restorase DNA Polymerase (R1028)
Method for amplification of DNA from damaged DNA sources. Particularly useful for DNA extracted from old samples.
Genomic DNA Extraction and Amplification Procedure using REDExtract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit
The REDExtract-N-Amp™ Tissue PCR Kit contains all the reagents needed to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA from mouse tails and other animal tissues, buccal swabs, hair shafts, and saliva.
Extract-N-Amp™ Plant PCR Kits Protocol
The Extract-N-Amp™ Plant PCR Kits contain all of the reagents required to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA from plant leaves.
DNA Amplification using Illustra PuReTaq Ready-To-Go PCR Beads
This page shows DNA amplification using illustra PuReTaq ready-to-go PCR beads from Cytiva.
Buccal DNA Extraction & WGA Amplification Protocol
This protocol provides a simple and convenient method to isolate, amplify, and purify genomic DNA from buccal swabs. Buccal swabs are a convenient method of acquiring a DNA sample.
Whole Blood
Whole blood is a common source of material used to perform genetic analysis. Many times genomic DNA isolated from whole blood samples is of low yield.
Plant-Based PCR Inhibitors During DNA Extraction and PCR Master Mix Performance
Evaluating the effects of PCR inhibitors and PCR enzyme selection using plant genomic DNA, GenElute™-E Single Spin Plant Extraction Kit, KOD-One™ PCR Master Mix and competitor high fidelity PCR master mixes.